The Experience

Are you trying to figure out why you haven't moved forward in your life the way you really desire? 
The answer lies in connecting with your desires, connecting with your core and focusing on you wholeheartedly from the inside out. 





In this section we will find out why you stop momentum right before amazing things happen in your life. You’ll get awareness of how you are sabotaging your success, how to stop it for good and how to align with your truth to attract more love, passion, fulfilment and happiness to your life.


Now that you know what is keeping you stuck, I’ll help you uncover your core values and create a life that revolves around them. This is the key to aligning a lifestyle filled with joy. I can tell you, Joy is personalised, it doesn’t represent the same thing for everyone, that is why we will focus on creating a lifestyle that rings true for YOU.

This is the beginning of discovering yourself, it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. It is the birth place of your full potential and it affects every decision you make. During this time, we will bring a strong foundation in who you are and ensure your power comes from the inside and not from external circumstances or people.

Anushka Lalwani
London, England. 

"Nicole for me is a simple message of PURE LOVE. She emanates love so effortlessly that I now believe I can call love into my reality. My self-confidence and self-love increased tremendously from the first session we had and has been escalating ever since.

I feel so powerful after working with her. If you are looking to understand what love really means then I totally recommend you work with Nicole. She has a beautiful ability which is to show you your true worth. There are several amazing things that I have learned from Nicole but my favourite one is "Everything starts with love" and she has a unique approach to this. I admire her desire to spread the light.

The Answer Lies Within You.

Mariana De La Torre/
Panama City, Panama

Taking a coaching program with Nicole is one of the most gratifying experiences I've known in my life. I felt like I was in a BIG dark hole, I didn´t know how align my life to my goal, but I truly think in that moment I didn't know what were my goals. But the most difficult aspect was that I discovered that with Nicole that I had many fears about my lifestyle, I was really concerned about my future.  

I learned how I can feel good in body, mind and spirit. I learned to love and look to others with love, the key to be in peace. 


Step 3 - Open Your Heart For More Love & Abundance

Now that you know what was stopping your momentum, we have to integrate new belief systems that support more love and abundance for your life. 
For an amazing life, love and money go in hand.  Money helps you have a fuller life, take care of yourself and health, support your desires and reach your full potential. Love is the energy that helps you get there.
We will work on your self confidence, self image and money beliefs to create the necessary shift. 

Step 4 - Taking Aligned Action

Together, we will create an action plan that involves self care, mindset work and action steps to ensure you succeed no matter what.  This action guide is designed so you don't burn out and allow more support to one in to your life to help you. 

Get ready to take action - The feminine way! 

The Best Version Of Yourself Awaits... 

Jenna Nicole
United Sates

Working with nicole brought me kick ass results. I wasn't sure why I wasn't moving forward in my life with things I knew how to do.
She helped me get to the bottom of the issue, and breakthrough it! I started out feeling totally out of alignment.
I was depressed, withdrawn and frustrated. In a short time working with her I came out feeling optimistic, loved, motivated, and most of all--free!
She helped me find my voice in the world.

What Other Experts Have Said...

“Nicole is one of the most powerful people I know, she has the raw ability of moving people out of their comfort zone and into their true essence. She is wise beyond her years and very acute with human triggers. It has been beautiful to watch Nicole grow from a scared Nix to a Boss Lady Nix in record time.

This is the kind of people we need more of! Nicole is a beautiful soul, she’s relatable and a visionary, if there is even the slight opportunity for you to work with her, DO IT! This is the game changer you are looking for!

Cristina Collazos,
Love Coach

“Nicole is just a Ball of Light. Just getting close to her you can feel the high vibration. If you are looking to tap into your inner beauty and feminine and create a life full of gratitude and joy this is your girl. She is really able to pinpoint even the smallest block so you can breakthrough in a big way in your life. What I have learned with her is that there is always a way to get things done and upgraded. There are no limits for this girl. She has such a strong DESIRE to be of service and assist women be their highest self possible.

Sherina Mayani Life & Business Coach

Nicole Williams is that type of person that causes impact from the very first moment you interact with her. She radiates a very positive and contagious energy. Her genuine interest for the wellbeing of those around her and her incomparable capacity to guide, makes her a point of reference for anyone who desires an integral and effective improvement in their life.

She is a person with a high sense of integrity, a solid work ethic and above all, she is guided by all the love her being expresses.

She is a leader that reflects her success in her every day life, trained with the right tools for you to reach your full potential.

Melvyn Camarena 
Fitness Coach