3 Clearing Events helping you feel God's love in your life & his support manifesting your dreams

This Reprogramming Masterclass is to release any and all of the times you've felt God didn't listen to your prayers, release limiting beliefs about God's love and support of your dreams and receive his unconditional  guidance and support. 

 Friday, May 10 7:30 PM CST/8:30 PM EST
 Saturday, May 18 4:00 PM CST/5:00 PM EST
Sunday, May 19th 4:00 PM CST/5:00 PM EST
Duration : 50 minutes each call

The clearings are live and are not recorded. The reason  the clearings are not recorded is because they are powerful and work immediately.  It can take up to four weeks for you to feel the difference depending if you've experienced trauma in the past.   More information is explained in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you desire further assistance with themes unique to your desires and manifestations, I've included an option with private clearings with me that we can go over at your own pace!

How it works:
During the live clearing events, I'll guide you to clear the main limiting beliefs  that are creating emotional roadblocks and blocks to your manifestations in love, finances and wellbeing.

We will focus on clearing the limiting beliefs and integrating a solid, foundation of faith and the positive beliefs that will 3x your manifestations before the year ends! 

This amplifies your energy for powerful manifestations and alignment! 

Once we clear these beliefs, pay close attention to the ideas and thoughts that will come up in your consciousness because they are answered prayers! 

Why this works:

Mental and/ or emotional blocks can delay, confuse our inner guidance  & sabotage our manifestations.

We will clear away any mental or emotional doubt or stress in your body and soul. You will heal powerfully and manifest with ease now!

Listen to the downloads I received LIVE from God and the angels on the mindset we will clear in Trusting Heaven:

Listen to the downloads I received LIVE from God and the angels on breaking through financial ceilings and getting his downlods to allow yourself to triple your income with grace and peace if you are interested in the God is Your Provider Bonus detailed below : 

Listen to these powerful intuitive messages I received on what we will clear and work on in Trusting Heaven

3 Clearing Events Masterclass 

 Friday, May 10 7:30 PM CST/8:30 PM EST / Saturday, May 18 4:00 PM CST/5:00 PM EST / Sunday, May 19th 4:00 PM CST/5:00 PM EST

Duration : 50 minutes each call

The full event is non refundable.

TRUSTING HEAVEN Live Clearing Event +  3 Private Clearing Sessions With Nicole Elissa Bundle 

Main event: Friday, May 10 7:30 PM CST/8:30 PM EST / Saturday, May 18 4:00 PM CST/5:00 PM EST / Sunday, May 19th 4:00 PM CST/5:00 PM EST

Duration : 50 minutes each call

+ 3 Private 25 minute clearing sessions with Nicole applicable for use until   September 30th, 2024

The full event is non refundable.

Time Sensitive Bonus!

Act Now!

Break through your financial ceilings with God's assistance 

The first four women who join  Trusting Heaven will receive an additional clearing:  God is your Provider - 
a 80 Minute Live Clearing on receiving more money, now more than ever  & breaking through financial ceilings (800 USD value for free) 

*Subliminal positive affirmation tracks on tripling your income and finances with God's help. Increasing trust and faith in your numbers.  (80 USD value for free) 

This bonus is available until Sunday, April 28th , 2024 at 11:59 PM EST or when the first 4 women join ( whichever happens first)


Get Results Like This! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What methodology will be used to clear?

A combination of clearing methodologies from work with the Angels,  Kinesiology and Tapping to work through the meridians, nervous system  and  subconscious to eliminate stagnant and fearful beliefs systems about God, his alliance, support + Integrate hope, trust, faith and optimism. 

These clearings will align you with manifesting excellence for your future and wellbeing. 

Is Trusting Heaven  recorded? 

The clearing events are LIVE.  Once the clearing is done, it doesn't need to be done again. The effects are long lasting and it can take a couple of days and or weeks for you to feel the shift.  For that reason, the even't isn't recorded. 

How long will it take to see results? 

 You can see results immediately or within the following weeks and the results are long lasting. 

What Faith does Nicole Elissa practice? 

Nicole Elissa is Christian and works with clients from different faiths with the utmost respect, support and acceptance. 
This event is for women from all walks of faith. It will boost your confidence, manifesting power and attract miracles to your life.

I Am Nicole Elissa, Love & Femininity Coach 

Nicole Elissa is a Love and Femininity Coach  for Powerful, Successful Women who are ready to own their Feminine Power of Attraction (TM) at a soul level and attract the epic love they have always desired.  Nicole encourages her clients to not wait for magic to happen in their love lives and instead own that they are the magic! She will help you open up your channels of attraction and feel irresistible, like a catch, no matter what. 

She helps her clients through  Divine Feminine intuitive coaching and energy clearing , subconscious  & nervous system reprogramming and somatic therapy work to embody their own unique feminine frequency and attract soulmate love.  Nicole offers her services in English and Spanish.

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