The best decision I made this year

One of the biggest decisions I made this year to be true to my journey was to fully discover my natural hair. I suffered for several years wanting to do this and I can finally say the struggle is over. I was overcome with sadness because I didn’t have natural long sleek hair. Everywhere I went people would make snide comments about my hair type, all of that leaving me feeling inadequate, feeling as if I didn’t belong or if something was wrong with me.

I’d always wonder why my hair would be described as bad while others was considered good. Deep down I knew all of this was crap. We are all made divine in our own truth so I knew it was up to me to be fully present and loving towards myself by acknowledging that I would never hone my true beauty if I continued to be scared what society thought of me. 

I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge that every single person who ‘made’ me feel bad about myself with snide comments about my hair was simply a mirror of every fearful thought in my mind. That shifted my perception from a victim to a hero. It was truly up to me to change what was around me.

A whole weight was lifted off my shoulders the day I cut my hair off. I’ve come a long way and I choose to celebrate this, give myself the biggest and most loving hug and choose to love myself fully.

I felt really inspired to share this with you today because we really owe ourselves the joy to fully embrace and love ourselves. Source makes no mistakes, you’re wonderfully made.

I once read: we can’t give what we don’t have. This struck a cord because I would try to find love outside of myself, not noticing how love was already IN me.

This could apply to any area of your life, I sincerely hope this helps someone today.

PS. Look how fast it is growing, yay! <3

Love yourself first. ‪#‎TransformationSunday‬ ‪#‎selflove‬ ‪#‎naturalhair‬

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