November 18, 2014

praiseIzzy When our first session arrived, I came to her without any expectations and by the time the hour was done, I felt wholly transformed. She comes from a place of love and genuine interest that you can’t help but trust her immediately with all your doubts and insecurities. She handled my problems with such gentleness that I felt not only encouraged by also really empowered, truly believing in myself. I feel like I haven’t made that kind of progress in years with some of my most beloved confidantes. Her energy is infectious and she radiates the most positive vibes. I felt completely secure in her care.
I cannot recommend her services enough. She is truly a gem of an individual and she is a shining example of what positive thinking can do to change us as human beings. She taught me how to communicate more efficiently and I have only been reaping benefits from her counsel. She really is the best thing that has happened to my life.”