The Real Reason Why I Started Coaching In The First Place

Phew, I am finally feeling free to share this. The main reason why I hired my first coach was because I was looking for love outside of me. I wanted to find my soulmate in hopes he would fill all of my wounds, so to speak.

I thought to myself, this will be easy...a few affirmations here and there and tara! we would meet, fall in love and everything would be easy. It turns out that process looked completely different than what I had expected. I had to look within, I had to fall madly in love with myself, really know how valuable and amazing I am as a woman.

I cleared a lot of my wounds and found something much greater than what a relationship could give to me, I found myself. There are other aspects of my life that I was completely disconnected from: my passion, what made me happy and staying committed to bring them to life no matter what.

Before, my mind was in chaos when things weren't working out in my love life. I would cancel everything out and just live through the motions like a zombie, lifeless.

Now, I'm still dating but I am completely different from who I was before, I have a whole new mindset and support system that is teaching me what REAL love is (Plus, I have the best Love Coach ever- Nicole Moore) I know that when I marry it will be for a whole different set of reasons than what I first started this journey. 

This desire to find love brought me so much JOY, I no longer feel like a zombie and I am doing what I love: helping other women like me find themselves and reach their desires, no matter what. Makes me so glad I got out of that FUNK. My chaos and my desire to overcome it has helped so many women find themselves too and it is the best feeling in the whole world.

Love is SO powerful, it isn't just a relationship with another person. First and foremost, it is your relationship with yourself, with the universe/God and your relationship with your partner and loved ones. It is the whole reason why we are here.

I am really happy because in the pursuit of finding myself, I've awakened a sense of confidence and peace so profound because I am doing what I love, I make time for my family and friends. I have priorities, I don't lose myself in my love life anymore and more than anything, I know how to balance out my life and reach for my desires, no matter what. I am committed to me, to my development and mastering life with a smile on my face. Once you find yourself and have the courage to follow your true passions, everything lines up. It's magical.

If you want to know how I did and how you can have a powerful breakthrough like this one.

I invite you to join me Thursday on a live training to guide you on how to leave your comfort zone and take the big leap to finding yourself here:


Ready To Find Yourself & Create A Life You're Passionate About? Join Me On An Exclusive Free Training This Thursday: 

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New Article: The Two Main Elements For Connectedness, Growth & A Life Full Of Love

Today, I’ve decided to talk to you about the two main elements  to connectedness and growth. Being fully happy, thriving, honouring and knowing who you are as a woman. 

The keys are self responsibility and vulnerability.

Being accountable with your actions, thoughts, emotions towards your own personal version of success & being open, raw, vulnerable and ready for the next stepthat will add more love to your life.

If you are desiring to have beautiful, empowering, raw, vulnerable and open relationships… what are you doing to get there?

If you are ready to find yourself and build a powerful foundation in who you are to create a life you are madly in love with, what are you doing to get there?

Both scenarios require for you to be open to growth, be responsible with your action steps and vulnerable enough to face the outcome.

I want to share something with you that I’ve spoken about in several conversations I’ve had this week with the ladies who signed up  to have a powerful conversation with me.

If you aren’t willing to be vulnerable with yourself, really acknowledge and honor your feelings about a situation, you are only pushing love away.

By love, I mean: feeling connected with yourself, trusting yourself and decisions, falling madly in love with yourself and calling in  that special partner, if you desire to do so.

The key denominator of the ladies who contacted me this week was:  their  desire for more.
More love, more passion, more connectedness with who they are.

Are you willing to do the work?
Are you willing to be vulnerable, move, grow and expand?
Are you willing to challenge your current views on the situation and completely transform your results?
Are you willing to go for your best life?

If you are, then what are you going to do about it?

If you are unclear about your next step, I can help you find the right answer within yourself and map out a plan so you are successful.

I invite you to have a powerful conversation with me for 90 minutes on your next step to transform your life through love so you can have your biggest breakthrough of 2015.

There are only a few spots left. Take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s see how much your life can change in 90 minutes (Select the time slot that works for you here).

Call is free of cost and only for the brave women who are ready to take action!

P.S. Select the time that works best for you here . Come with an open mind and a readiness for love. Select your personal training with me here.

Loads of love,


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Find Your Freedom In Love

Today , I want to personally share with you the groundbreaking discovery I had that transformed the relationships in my life. It is how I went from only being part of unhealthy relationships to calling in relationships that resonated with me, allowed me to be myself and feel extremely loved in the process.

“I’ll love you if..”
“You are okay in my book if you do this… !”
“You’ll get what you want, if you first do this…. ”
“You’ll never succeed in life, if you don’t follow my advice”
“I am always right, you are  always wrong”

Do any of these  sound familiar to you?  Feels pretty icky, if you ask me.

Let me ask you something, in your relationships are you constantly giving and not receiving anything in return or you never get the recognition you deserve?

It’s normal to try to hold on to these relationships, even if you are needs aren’t met because we believe it is the only type of relationship that is available to us, so that is why in today’s article I’ve decided to share how we can move away from conditioned love, to a love that gives  freedom, joy and happiness.

It is ABSOLUTELY possible for you, too. If you allow yourself to believe it and live it. I explain how here.

Love gives you freedom of choice. Freedom to be who you really are, it sets you free.

“Love Liberates You”

Dr. Maya Angelou

This is a concept that was SO foreign to me growing up and it keeps growing and integrating itself to my DNA. It really liberates you. Love isn’t controlling or manipulative. You shouldn’t feel captive or like a completely different person when you are in a relationship. This goes beyond romantic relationships. The best relationships are the ones who see you for who you are and cherish you for it.

Here it goes, the main reason you feel that you will loose your freedom if you fall in love or that you can’t be yourself with those you love is because there is something inside of you that really believes that.  There was a moment or several when you were growing up that you felt that love  was manipulative or controlling. It could be that you saw your mother lose yourself in her relationship, do everything for the family and not even receive a “thank you” for her efforts, it could also be that you thought love represented sacrifice because your family wasn’t happy or your parents would offer you “prizes” if you performed better at school.

Small instances  that you could be saying, Nicole, really? You are going there? YES, I am going there.

See, the thing is that it isn’t about what happened but what your mind, as a child, perceived.  Your parents could have had in mind to teach you something beautiful but if you felt that you couldn’t be yourself, that created a blueprint that continues to manifest in your life until you do something about it.

I’ve stressed this throughout my articles, videos and audios: everything is energy. Feelings are REALLY powerful, especially when you were growing up. We all felt things pretty intensively when we were small.  If you grew up and  didn’t heal these perceptions , you will repeat it throughout different relationships until you reclaim your truth. The  truth is that love IS freedom.

Perhaps you’ve even had relationships when you have attached too soon or you have  been the manipulator. Trying to control how others feel about you. It can become an awful cycle that affects you and your significant other.

If you desire to stop creating relationships like this, both in the romantic plane and with those you care about the most, I invite you to reclaim your worth and power.

The core belief in relationships that are unhealthy is : I am not loveable enough.

Which then brings out the question: What can I do to prove how loveable I am?

Practice waking up every morning saying “I am loveable exactly as I am” , repeat it as many times as you need to. Why? Because you are loveable! You don’t need to change for anyone else. When you accept this truth for yourself, you begin to accept it for others.  Your relationships no longer have a feeling of control or manipulation. You let others be and others let YOU be, as  well. I repeated this mantra for a month, every single day, every few hours so I could really start to grasp the concept.

Don’t hold the space for conditioned love in your heart, body or energy field. Only welcome freedom in love.

When you make it non negotiable, your life and relationships do a 360º transformation full of love.

P.S. Are you ready to reclaim your worth and call in relationships that give you freedom? Let’s map out a plan specifically made for you in a free hour session to talk about your past relationships, how you desire to feel in your future ones and how we can work together, if we are a right fit.

Loads of love,




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Love Liberates You!

I just saw the most amazing video by Dr. Maya Angelous on this exact title, love liberates. It sedimented what I’ve always known, manifesting love is not just about receiving, it has to do with how much love you are giving, as well.

My best advice for you today is to give love, as much as you can AND expect to receive it back.  Why? Because YOU are love and there is no shortage of love in this universe if we decide  it is available for us.

Let the universe guide and show you where you will receive it from. Just focus on giving love and knowing you are worth of receiving this love straight back at you.

Love is not a destination but the journey. Love for you who are, for your loved ones and to call that special partner you’ve always wanted.

So fill yourself up with love on a daily basis, treat yourself wit love and everyone who surrounds you. Give it your all because life is a reflection of how we deal with the little things and the big things. The more love you add to everything you do, the more you will receive it too.

Remember, love is yours. You are worth ALL the love that is open and ready for you.

If you are 100% for love, I invite you to first heal your old perceptions around love so you can shift them around, below you’ll find gifts to do so.

First Gift:

Put a spotlight on your beliefs around love & start working on changing them:

 Download Worksheet here.  (Right Click + Save As) 

Second Gift:

Listen to this training to start healing these love beliefs.
Old thoughts & emotions must be healed to move forward in life or else we will repeat them. 

Click here to receive training in your email. 


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Let’s Talk Birthdays & Why They Are So Powerful!

Happy Birthday To Moi! 

My birthday was this tuesday, February 24 and I remember how on Monday I declared that it would be my birthday week and I stand by it as I am going out tonight to finish the celebration!  Why? Birthdays are awesome, period.

Birthdays are:

  • A complete reflection of the transformation we go by every single year. If you don’t think you’ve changed, check again. Look at your surroundings, your train of thought process, your hobbies and desires.  Some things remain the same, while others change. We grow, and we have to celebrate that. We are expanding beings by nature.
  • A personal reminder that we have been blessed with another year to do our best, to shine, to blossom. 
  • A perfect opportunity to be grateful and bless all that we have and what we have been able to accomplish.
  • A perfect opportunity to use this energy of excitement and happiness to visualize all that you want to manifest for the present year. This energy is powerful, we are close to the frequency of love and that aids in manifesting our desires at a quicker pace.
  • Bottom line, you are your very first soulmate. Honor who you are, honor your journey.  If you don’t celebrate yourself, who else will? in order to manifest more loving relationships in our life, we have to start with celebrating and add value to the relationship we have with ourselves.

Food for thought. Let’s honor and value our journey.

Loads of love,


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2015 – Two Weeks In: Quit My Job and a Five-Figure Investment For YOU!

1st Week Of 2015: I Quit My Job.

2nd Week Of 2015: I Made A Five Figure Investment In Coaching Mastery.

It’s Nicole here, wishing you the absolute BEST in this AMAZING new year! Today, let’s talk about CHANGE and what it actually requires to be fully present and engaged in maximizing life.

These two weeks have been host for the two biggest stretches I’ve done in my WHOLE life and I couldn’t be happier/excited. If you have been following my story for these past months, you know that I am profoundly grateful for my day job as it was a manifestation of love from the universe when my dad passed away, ensuring that I felt safe and cared for. I met amazing individuals along this path and it was part of the process of becoming who I am TODAY.

Which takes me to the decision that I made the 1st of January as I felt and kept getting signs from the universe that I was ready to let it go and fully step up as an agent of Change, Love and Transformation. Hello, most of my clients told me they were ready to quit their jobs and I lead by example not by words!
It was bittersweet, I was in tears after I gave out the notification but I feel FREE  and ready to fully give my energy to my mission in this lifetime.On week two, I got in to The Divine Living Master Coach Certification Program, a five figure investment to fully cement the reality that I am here to serve YOU to my highest capability. This program excites me SO much! It is designed for me to provide you with: profound results, hone and deepen my own skills and acquire a new set of skills and tools to ensure there is radical positive change and you are fully transformed. I also get to travel the world, one of my BIGGEST desires!This is what change is all about, it requires you to be fully present and aware of signals the universe is constantly throwing at you and taking ACTION on the spot. The universe is hardwired to bring you HAPPINESS, CONNECTION and PURPOSE. To maximize life, you must see yourself as a key contributor in life. Your presence is needed.  How many people we see  just going with the flow and playing by the rules of a fear based world. Is this you? I used to be there and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all.  I felt and looked drained and lost. My connection to source was weak but I knew deep down that there was something more out there.
If we are a host to fear, we are not in peak state of mind to fully function from a place of love to go after the desires that are so beautifully crafted in US.

In 2015, do you choose to be a host to your fears or a host to LOVE?

I invite you to take action today. What will happen three months from now if you choose to remain hostage to your fears? The moment for change and love is always NOW. As all miracles occur in the present moment.

If you are ready for a fearless life, I am launching my SIX MONTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM. In this program I will be sharing my own personal techniques crafted to experience a higher connection on a daily basis, as you constantly show up with a perception of love and an unshakable core confidence on your purpose, how you show up for life and what you can create in it with IMPACT.

Say yes to YOU on 2015! Become an agent of Change, Love and Transformation along with me and never go back! Set up a Complimentary Clarity Call with me so we can talk how to get you there in record time!

PS. As I enter the realm of infinite possibilities, I am SUPER EXCITED to share this journey with you and have you join me so for the first three individuals who enroll in the Six Month Transformation Program through a Complimentary Clarity Call will receive a 500 USD Discount off their one time payment. The deadline for this offer will be Friday, January 16, 2015 as I firmly believe we are fully responsible and supported in up leveling our lives/ Identifying with our higher self.

Loads of Love,

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Personal Thank You To 2014! My Own Year Of Miracles & Leaps!

I am looking back at 2014 and simply feeling extremely GRATEFUL for a MAGNIFICENT year. I see now how every moment of struggle throughout my life was leading me to this point.  Have you ever heard the expression “The Universe Has Eyes“? well, it’s pretty damn true.  When we choose to see love instead of fear in every area of our lives, we are rewarded beyond our wildest dreams.

With the right mindset, in one year I was able to shift in the following areas:


90dayprogramUnapologetically rock my own truth:  I remember how as a little girl, every three months or so I’d cry because I had to relax my hair.  I was nine years old when I got the impression that it wasn’t okay to have natural hair because i wouldn’t be accepted if I did. After signing up to a different school at the age of nine, my teacher called in my parents to tell them that I  wasn’t allowed to go to school with braids because  they had standards and so, my hair was relaxed. Little did I know that those were her standards as I spoke with the Principal years later and he had no idea why the teacher had instructed something of that nature.

On January 3rd, 2014 I relaxed my hair for the last time and I have to say that  it has been one of the biggest demonstrations of LOVE that i’ve done for myself. I feel FREE, CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL in my own skin.  Relaxed hair always made me feel really insecure and it defaulted in comparing myself with others.


Heal my relationship with my dad: This one was MAJOR.  My dad passed away from a heart attack, it was sudden. I had a lot of feelings in me of feeling abandoned on a subconscious level and as our relationships are a reflection of what we are vibrating on the  inside, I replicated that same feeling on the relationships that flourished during that time frame.  I had to take a good look of what was going on and realize that through awareness, learning to forgive and choosing to react differently I could shift it all around and I did.

Become open to receive: I only wanted to give and provide in my relationships, a masculine approach to love. I felt very uncomfortable receiving.  Through the technique that I work with my clients, EFT, I was able to move from a masculine approach and embrace my feminine energy and feel good receiving. 🙂

Grow the most beautiful friendships and allow myself to be supported:  We truly are the average of the five people we spend most time with.  We don’t have to do it alone. I am forever grateful for every single person in my life.  As Edmund Lee states:


I’ve learned that it is really key to guard your energy, to always focus on feeling good, supported and empowered. It keeps your mind in a peak state to skyrocket to your dreams. 


– Decided to invest in me:  I had an idea to empower and motivate people  that started three years ago. I invested hundreds of hours in energy to investigate and gather all the information needed but somehow I  was scared of investing big money in it. Well, this year  I’ve taken my biggest leaps yet and I’ve realised that investing money is an exchange in energy and accountability.  The biggest and BEST decision I made this year was to invest in my coaching program.  Six months of accelerated training, accountability, releasing fears and stepping in to my power to powerfully serve and guide to release old patterns that were blocking my road to FREEDOM.

Why did I do it? because I believed in ME. I had a call in me to POWERFULLY SERVE anyone who is ready for a more expansive experience in life  and deep down I knew that I would only go as far if I was scared of money.

The difference between only investing time/energy vs investing money as well, has been mind-blowing to say the least. Results have accelerated in time and in quality.  I see and act more clearly. I hold myself accountable with ease and keep focused on my goals like never before.

– Hosting seminars for wellness and Success: I am part of the team that created to inspire, motivate and empower Panamanians all over to find success in life. I am truly honoured to work with such AMAZING individuals who know the value of providing the tools and space to assist in the growth of our country.  I have also met wonderful people who are ready to succeed and find happiness in all stages in life. It is one of the most exciting feelings in the world.

10371707_252125861641654_673326466359830818_n 10500556_257932327727674_8425449407868711248_n

– Create my own successful business doing what I LOVE:  Thankfully, I heard the message loud and clear to do what I love.  We have this one life to give it our ALL, to fall madly in love with it every single day. It is a choice we make and I am thrilled to witness the complete transformation of individuals who are ready to accept, receive and give nothing but the best in their lives.  

I look forward to doing this for the rest of my life as there is nothing more gratifying than this.

Thank you, 2014 for the powerful shift and HELLO, 2015!  In just one week, I continue to stretch myself and I’ve invested in a year long coaching program and in a Lifestyle training/retreat to maintain myself in a PEAK condition to serve you even more! I can’t wait to see what is to come.

Look at everything that can be done in a year and there is even more! Say YES to yourself and desires, stay COMMITTED! SIGN UP FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CLARITY CALL WITH ME to discuss how we can elevate your presence even further!

If you are committed, high vibe and ambitious take advantage of this opportunity to transform your life today!  I will be soon raising my prices as I, myself, am committed to elevating you to a higher vibration.

Make the 2015 YOUR YEAR!

Loads of LOVE,

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The best decision I made this year

One of the biggest decisions I made this year to be true to my journey was to fully discover my natural hair. I suffered for several years wanting to do this and I can finally say the struggle is over. I was overcome with sadness because I didn’t have natural long sleek hair. Everywhere I went people would make snide comments about my hair type, all of that leaving me feeling inadequate, feeling as if I didn’t belong or if something was wrong with me.

I’d always wonder why my hair would be described as bad while others was considered good. Deep down I knew all of this was crap. We are all made divine in our own truth so I knew it was up to me to be fully present and loving towards myself by acknowledging that I would never hone my true beauty if I continued to be scared what society thought of me.  Continue reading “The best decision I made this year”

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