A Special Weekend To Connect With Your Joy & Radiance

I've been thinking about you and what would be of the highest service to you and your happiness. It is essential for every woman to connect with their feminine radiance, intuition and joy.

I've done market research for a very special summit I am planning to empower women and help them to open up to love, to greater joy and connection and from what i've discovered most women are feeling exhausted, they are using too much masculine energy.

Are you extending too much masculine energy?

The women I've interviewed are trapped in work for more than eight hours a day, they don't have time to play and have fun, give back to themselves and they don't have time for love.

Most women I interviewed desire to focus on themselves, really fill their life with love. There is a big disconnect from where they are to where they want to be. There is a void that needs to be filled and the work is internal.

Part of the reason there is this disconnect is because, as women we have built a wall around us to protect us from getting hurt or facing failure, what we don't realize is that this wall is blocking out everything good that can come in, as well.

It is my intention to help you remove that wall, shield, armour you've built around you and allow you to reconnect with your joy, your radiance, happiness and love.

A radical and total shift is waiting for you if are ready to open up and allow yourself to receive love and joy.

There is a feminine way for you to manifest joy, alignment, peace and happiness without over extending your energy or efforts or being too masculine.

What is possible for you if you decide to work on removing this wall?

Quite easily: more joy, a deeper sense of who you are, guidance to follow through, own your femininity, new job opportunities, new business opportunities, more money, more love, dates, partners and most importantly... a deep sense of worthiness.

A sense of who you are, how valuable you are and not only is it going to help you to create wholesome relationships, it will help you feel confident in your own skin.

I remember feeling disconnected and it was no fun. I was constantly having breakouts, bing eating panic attacks and I felt hollow on the inside. Connecting with my desires and joy was the best decision I could ever make.If this is an absolute YES from you, I have decided to do something radical and allow you to open up to all of this an more in just the span of a weekend.

It's possible to do this in the span of a weekend, believe me.

I've created the space for four women who are 100% ready to commit to their joy and give back to themselves with "Your Big Leap Of Joy" Weekend Immersion program.

Take advantage of the opportunity here.
We will work on removing the blocks and old limiting beliefs around your happiness, open up to receive even more love, money and how to follow through with your real desires.

If you are ready to do the healing and open up to a greater sense of peace and alignment, this is for you.

I am offering this program to only four women for an unprecedented investment or value exchange, as I only work with a selected group of women at the time and I desire to reward women who take fast action and give to themselves.I won't be offering this opportunity probably until next year, my programs for the rest of the year are shifting, as we speak.

So, if you are ready to give to yourself, I've opened up a few spaces to have a quick chat with me to find out this is the right program for you.

Ps. I can't wait to share with you, over the phone the bonus goodies (Over 400 USD worth of them) that come in this program.

A weekend just for you could be the gift your body, spirit and mind has been asking for quite a while.

The higher you allow yourself to connect with joy, the better life gets. Can't wait to see what is in store for you. You deserve to be thriving and living in bliss, schedule your appointment here.

To an extraordinary life ,


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New Article: Four Tips To Heal Our Most Powerful Relationships

Today Would Have Been My Father’s 58th Birthday And I Choose To Celebrate Our Relationship. 

I Am Sharing The Four Mindset Shifts That Have Helped Me Tremendously  To Understand Love And Show Up For Relationships That Supports Growth. 

My Relationship with my dad has been my biggest container for growth over the last four years, and yes I do mean after he passed away. My Father was a man of a small amount of words but his actions spoke louder than words. This was a hard concept for me to understand while growing up because I LOVE Talking and getting excited over the smallest details. I admire him without question, I’ve always wanted to grow up like him: Level-headed, super responsible and audacious. He always wanted what was best for me, we wouldn’t see eye to eye on a few areas but he always listened to what I had to say and we would reach a middle ground always.

This is what I’ve learned about relationships, they are our greatest containers for growth, mainly because we have all been raised in a different way and we have different ways we express and showcase our love for each other.

These are my four tips on how to heal your relationships:

  •  Recognise what is your love language. How do you show your appreciation and love for the people you care most in your life? It might be through words, actions or contact. Ponder this for a moment. This will give you greater clarity on your preference. Also, think of the ways you enjoy to receive affection from others and if there is a discrepancy there.

  •  Think of the person you would like to heal your relationship with. How have you shown them your appreciation and set up the environment to talk with them and ask them what’s their love language.  You might be surprised by what you find out.  Truly listen to what they have to say and then tell them what is yours. Reach to an agreement.

  • Love is a two way street and an inside job: Let people love you to their best capability. Love isn’t judgemental or a way to get your needs met.  Even if we are talking about a romantic relationship, this person would be a partner, not  the answer to your problems.  Always know that you are responsible for your own happiness. 

  • Be open to guidance after you’ve been emotionally triggered and take action.  If this person does something that brings up an unwanted feeling in you, learn to forgive and let go.  These triggers are perceptions you were called to heal from your past. It could be that you feel you are not good enough or that you don’t belong, etc.  You would be forgiving this person in particular and the one who you perceived this fake reality from.  After you do this, create a new mantra for yourself that reinforces the positive contrast of the negative feeling trigger.

Hope this helps. Today, I no longer hold anyone responsible for my happiness. I am immensely grateful for the love my dad had to offer and all the growth I have gotten from his teachings and insights.  Happy Birthday in heaven, dad! Love you to the moon and back. <3

If you desire to feel at peace, confident, regain your personal power back to create the most beautiful relationships ever and heal any negative perceptions that you may have about being good enough, contact me at www.nicoleelissa.com/clarity-call

This is a free of charge call were we talk how we can work together burst through any block to ensure you create a live you love and don’t recreate anything from your past that you don’t want to.  Sign up here www.nicoleelissa.com/clarity-call

Loads of love,

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