The Real Reason Why I Started Coaching In The First Place

Phew, I am finally feeling free to share this. The main reason why I hired my first coach was because I was looking for love outside of me. I wanted to find my soulmate in hopes he would fill all of my wounds, so to speak.

I thought to myself, this will be easy...a few affirmations here and there and tara! we would meet, fall in love and everything would be easy. It turns out that process looked completely different than what I had expected. I had to look within, I had to fall madly in love with myself, really know how valuable and amazing I am as a woman.

I cleared a lot of my wounds and found something much greater than what a relationship could give to me, I found myself. There are other aspects of my life that I was completely disconnected from: my passion, what made me happy and staying committed to bring them to life no matter what.

Before, my mind was in chaos when things weren't working out in my love life. I would cancel everything out and just live through the motions like a zombie, lifeless.

Now, I'm still dating but I am completely different from who I was before, I have a whole new mindset and support system that is teaching me what REAL love is (Plus, I have the best Love Coach ever- Nicole Moore) I know that when I marry it will be for a whole different set of reasons than what I first started this journey. 

This desire to find love brought me so much JOY, I no longer feel like a zombie and I am doing what I love: helping other women like me find themselves and reach their desires, no matter what. Makes me so glad I got out of that FUNK. My chaos and my desire to overcome it has helped so many women find themselves too and it is the best feeling in the whole world.

Love is SO powerful, it isn't just a relationship with another person. First and foremost, it is your relationship with yourself, with the universe/God and your relationship with your partner and loved ones. It is the whole reason why we are here.

I am really happy because in the pursuit of finding myself, I've awakened a sense of confidence and peace so profound because I am doing what I love, I make time for my family and friends. I have priorities, I don't lose myself in my love life anymore and more than anything, I know how to balance out my life and reach for my desires, no matter what. I am committed to me, to my development and mastering life with a smile on my face. Once you find yourself and have the courage to follow your true passions, everything lines up. It's magical.

If you want to know how I did and how you can have a powerful breakthrough like this one.

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