New Article: Four Tips To Heal Our Most Powerful Relationships

Today Would Have Been My Father’s 58th Birthday And I Choose To Celebrate Our Relationship. 

I Am Sharing The Four Mindset Shifts That Have Helped Me Tremendously  To Understand Love And Show Up For Relationships That Supports Growth. 

My Relationship with my dad has been my biggest container for growth over the last four years, and yes I do mean after he passed away. My Father was a man of a small amount of words but his actions spoke louder than words. This was a hard concept for me to understand while growing up because I LOVE Talking and getting excited over the smallest details. I admire him without question, I’ve always wanted to grow up like him: Level-headed, super responsible and audacious. He always wanted what was best for me, we wouldn’t see eye to eye on a few areas but he always listened to what I had to say and we would reach a middle ground always.

This is what I’ve learned about relationships, they are our greatest containers for growth, mainly because we have all been raised in a different way and we have different ways we express and showcase our love for each other.

These are my four tips on how to heal your relationships:

  •  Recognise what is your love language. How do you show your appreciation and love for the people you care most in your life? It might be through words, actions or contact. Ponder this for a moment. This will give you greater clarity on your preference. Also, think of the ways you enjoy to receive affection from others and if there is a discrepancy there.

  •  Think of the person you would like to heal your relationship with. How have you shown them your appreciation and set up the environment to talk with them and ask them what’s their love language.  You might be surprised by what you find out.  Truly listen to what they have to say and then tell them what is yours. Reach to an agreement.

  • Love is a two way street and an inside job: Let people love you to their best capability. Love isn’t judgemental or a way to get your needs met.  Even if we are talking about a romantic relationship, this person would be a partner, not  the answer to your problems.  Always know that you are responsible for your own happiness. 

  • Be open to guidance after you’ve been emotionally triggered and take action.  If this person does something that brings up an unwanted feeling in you, learn to forgive and let go.  These triggers are perceptions you were called to heal from your past. It could be that you feel you are not good enough or that you don’t belong, etc.  You would be forgiving this person in particular and the one who you perceived this fake reality from.  After you do this, create a new mantra for yourself that reinforces the positive contrast of the negative feeling trigger.

Hope this helps. Today, I no longer hold anyone responsible for my happiness. I am immensely grateful for the love my dad had to offer and all the growth I have gotten from his teachings and insights.  Happy Birthday in heaven, dad! Love you to the moon and back. <3

If you desire to feel at peace, confident, regain your personal power back to create the most beautiful relationships ever and heal any negative perceptions that you may have about being good enough, contact me at

This is a free of charge call were we talk how we can work together burst through any block to ensure you create a live you love and don’t recreate anything from your past that you don’t want to.  Sign up here

Loads of love,

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2015 – Two Weeks In: Quit My Job and a Five-Figure Investment For YOU!

1st Week Of 2015: I Quit My Job.

2nd Week Of 2015: I Made A Five Figure Investment In Coaching Mastery.

It’s Nicole here, wishing you the absolute BEST in this AMAZING new year! Today, let’s talk about CHANGE and what it actually requires to be fully present and engaged in maximizing life.

These two weeks have been host for the two biggest stretches I’ve done in my WHOLE life and I couldn’t be happier/excited. If you have been following my story for these past months, you know that I am profoundly grateful for my day job as it was a manifestation of love from the universe when my dad passed away, ensuring that I felt safe and cared for. I met amazing individuals along this path and it was part of the process of becoming who I am TODAY.

Which takes me to the decision that I made the 1st of January as I felt and kept getting signs from the universe that I was ready to let it go and fully step up as an agent of Change, Love and Transformation. Hello, most of my clients told me they were ready to quit their jobs and I lead by example not by words!
It was bittersweet, I was in tears after I gave out the notification but I feel FREE  and ready to fully give my energy to my mission in this lifetime.On week two, I got in to The Divine Living Master Coach Certification Program, a five figure investment to fully cement the reality that I am here to serve YOU to my highest capability. This program excites me SO much! It is designed for me to provide you with: profound results, hone and deepen my own skills and acquire a new set of skills and tools to ensure there is radical positive change and you are fully transformed. I also get to travel the world, one of my BIGGEST desires!This is what change is all about, it requires you to be fully present and aware of signals the universe is constantly throwing at you and taking ACTION on the spot. The universe is hardwired to bring you HAPPINESS, CONNECTION and PURPOSE. To maximize life, you must see yourself as a key contributor in life. Your presence is needed.  How many people we see  just going with the flow and playing by the rules of a fear based world. Is this you? I used to be there and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all.  I felt and looked drained and lost. My connection to source was weak but I knew deep down that there was something more out there.
If we are a host to fear, we are not in peak state of mind to fully function from a place of love to go after the desires that are so beautifully crafted in US.

In 2015, do you choose to be a host to your fears or a host to LOVE?

I invite you to take action today. What will happen three months from now if you choose to remain hostage to your fears? The moment for change and love is always NOW. As all miracles occur in the present moment.

If you are ready for a fearless life, I am launching my SIX MONTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM. In this program I will be sharing my own personal techniques crafted to experience a higher connection on a daily basis, as you constantly show up with a perception of love and an unshakable core confidence on your purpose, how you show up for life and what you can create in it with IMPACT.

Say yes to YOU on 2015! Become an agent of Change, Love and Transformation along with me and never go back! Set up a Complimentary Clarity Call with me so we can talk how to get you there in record time!

PS. As I enter the realm of infinite possibilities, I am SUPER EXCITED to share this journey with you and have you join me so for the first three individuals who enroll in the Six Month Transformation Program through a Complimentary Clarity Call will receive a 500 USD Discount off their one time payment. The deadline for this offer will be Friday, January 16, 2015 as I firmly believe we are fully responsible and supported in up leveling our lives/ Identifying with our higher self.

Loads of Love,

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