Personal Thank You To 2014! My Own Year Of Miracles & Leaps!

I am looking back at 2014 and simply feeling extremely GRATEFUL for a MAGNIFICENT year. I see now how every moment of struggle throughout my life was leading me to this point.  Have you ever heard the expression “The Universe Has Eyes“? well, it’s pretty damn true.  When we choose to see love instead of fear in every area of our lives, we are rewarded beyond our wildest dreams.

With the right mindset, in one year I was able to shift in the following areas:


90dayprogramUnapologetically rock my own truth:  I remember how as a little girl, every three months or so I’d cry because I had to relax my hair.  I was nine years old when I got the impression that it wasn’t okay to have natural hair because i wouldn’t be accepted if I did. After signing up to a different school at the age of nine, my teacher called in my parents to tell them that I  wasn’t allowed to go to school with braids because  they had standards and so, my hair was relaxed. Little did I know that those were her standards as I spoke with the Principal years later and he had no idea why the teacher had instructed something of that nature.

On January 3rd, 2014 I relaxed my hair for the last time and I have to say that  it has been one of the biggest demonstrations of LOVE that i’ve done for myself. I feel FREE, CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL in my own skin.  Relaxed hair always made me feel really insecure and it defaulted in comparing myself with others.


Heal my relationship with my dad: This one was MAJOR.  My dad passed away from a heart attack, it was sudden. I had a lot of feelings in me of feeling abandoned on a subconscious level and as our relationships are a reflection of what we are vibrating on the  inside, I replicated that same feeling on the relationships that flourished during that time frame.  I had to take a good look of what was going on and realize that through awareness, learning to forgive and choosing to react differently I could shift it all around and I did.

Become open to receive: I only wanted to give and provide in my relationships, a masculine approach to love. I felt very uncomfortable receiving.  Through the technique that I work with my clients, EFT, I was able to move from a masculine approach and embrace my feminine energy and feel good receiving. 🙂

Grow the most beautiful friendships and allow myself to be supported:  We truly are the average of the five people we spend most time with.  We don’t have to do it alone. I am forever grateful for every single person in my life.  As Edmund Lee states:


I’ve learned that it is really key to guard your energy, to always focus on feeling good, supported and empowered. It keeps your mind in a peak state to skyrocket to your dreams. 


– Decided to invest in me:  I had an idea to empower and motivate people  that started three years ago. I invested hundreds of hours in energy to investigate and gather all the information needed but somehow I  was scared of investing big money in it. Well, this year  I’ve taken my biggest leaps yet and I’ve realised that investing money is an exchange in energy and accountability.  The biggest and BEST decision I made this year was to invest in my coaching program.  Six months of accelerated training, accountability, releasing fears and stepping in to my power to powerfully serve and guide to release old patterns that were blocking my road to FREEDOM.

Why did I do it? because I believed in ME. I had a call in me to POWERFULLY SERVE anyone who is ready for a more expansive experience in life  and deep down I knew that I would only go as far if I was scared of money.

The difference between only investing time/energy vs investing money as well, has been mind-blowing to say the least. Results have accelerated in time and in quality.  I see and act more clearly. I hold myself accountable with ease and keep focused on my goals like never before.

– Hosting seminars for wellness and Success: I am part of the team that created to inspire, motivate and empower Panamanians all over to find success in life. I am truly honoured to work with such AMAZING individuals who know the value of providing the tools and space to assist in the growth of our country.  I have also met wonderful people who are ready to succeed and find happiness in all stages in life. It is one of the most exciting feelings in the world.

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– Create my own successful business doing what I LOVE:  Thankfully, I heard the message loud and clear to do what I love.  We have this one life to give it our ALL, to fall madly in love with it every single day. It is a choice we make and I am thrilled to witness the complete transformation of individuals who are ready to accept, receive and give nothing but the best in their lives.  

I look forward to doing this for the rest of my life as there is nothing more gratifying than this.

Thank you, 2014 for the powerful shift and HELLO, 2015!  In just one week, I continue to stretch myself and I’ve invested in a year long coaching program and in a Lifestyle training/retreat to maintain myself in a PEAK condition to serve you even more! I can’t wait to see what is to come.

Look at everything that can be done in a year and there is even more! Say YES to yourself and desires, stay COMMITTED! SIGN UP FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CLARITY CALL WITH ME to discuss how we can elevate your presence even further!

If you are committed, high vibe and ambitious take advantage of this opportunity to transform your life today!  I will be soon raising my prices as I, myself, am committed to elevating you to a higher vibration.

Make the 2015 YOUR YEAR!

Loads of LOVE,

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