Big Leap - 
Coaching Program 

  • Is your life taking a direction you are not connected with?
  • Are you working twelve hours a day for a company whose vision is draining you and robbing away from your happiness?
  • Is your work life not letting you think of what you actually want out of life?
  • Is your love life nowhere near where you would expect it to be?
  • Are you feeling insecure of how your love life is developing or not developing?

Are You Unclear On How To Break This Cycle?

I know exactly how that feels because I used to be there and I can guide you to find yourself and create a life you are absolutely fascinated with: full of love, connection , purpose and abundance.

Finding one self is the biggest game changer in any woman’s life, it is how we strengthen our sense of self and create what we most desire out of this life.

Just Imagine...

Being able to experience a life full of bliss and serenity with a special someone.

Feel completely confident in who you are and create your most beautiful life based on your terms.

Have the tools and techniques to reach your personal and career goals, no matter what. 

Every day wake up full of enthusiasm because you are doing what you love and are generating the right amount of income to do it forever and more.

Being fully centered and at peace with your decisions and not easily influenced by others.

Get past your comfort zone and take the leap to an extraordinary life. 

Nicole is just a Ball of Light. Just getting close to her you can feel the high vibration. If you are looking to tap into your inner beauty and feminine and create a life full of gratitude and joy this is your girl.She is really able to pinpoint even the smallest block so you can breakthrough in a big way in your life.What I have learned with her is that there is always a way to get things done and upgraded. There are no limits for this girl. She has such a strong DESIRE to be of service and assist women be their highest self possible."

Sherina Mayani

Sounds incredibly exciting, right?

Let me explain to you how my process works and why it’s so effective:

All these past negative beliefs and experiences have become an intricate part of who you have become and have created a  blue print that will dictate the rest of your life, if you don’t do anything about it. I am serious.

You need to let go of what no longer serves you and reshape your story.

        This means that if you:

  • Are desiring to be supported in a beautiful & deep relationship and haven’t been able to do so
  • Are working twelve hours a day, drained and unable to be in a positive environment and do what you love because of money.
  • Are going through life based on what others expect from you.

Probably have  blueprints working against you.

Dedicating your entire life to do something you don’t identify with is a cop out of what you were actually put in this planet, to begin with.

My work is specialized in removing these  blueprints, creating new ones that allow you to feel connected and centered in your new empowered self , provide you with my own personal and tested techniques, the exact steps to get  the results you are looking for!

Who am I?

  I am Nicole Elissa Williams, I dedicated years of study and continue to do so around how to connect with our desires and make them show up in our reality. I am trained as a coach and “you can do it” attitude. I am finally doing what I love, serving women who are:

  • Finding themselves
  • Changing the route their life was taking
  • Creating magic everywhere they go

 You are meant to thrive and feel fulfilled to your core.

 I stand by this work because I personally went through it. I was in a dark stage while growing up, solidified by the sudden death of my father, five years ago which led me to question the path my life was taking. I was consistently drained, moody and simply going through the motions. Following the steps of what my family thought was best for me even if I didn’t feel connected with it. This led me to having panic attacks about not following my passion.

I hit rock bottom and I knew I had to take charge and do a 360º of my life.

If you are anything like me, the idea of simply finding a well paying job, marrying and receiving a pension is paralyzing.

Sure, we want to feel deep love, create a beautiful and lasting family but there is something that is missing from that picture and it is the sole key to truly enjoying life to the maximum and create everything that I just mentioned, this is a sense of self.

A foundation in your own identity, being in a centered place within yourself.

Others cannot be the whole source of our happiness. It is about owning our confidence and attracting situations and things to come to our life from an already whole place, that does the trick.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Because I want you to know that this inner confidence and passion is available for you too, by following the steps to make your big leap and reach your goals.

Take their word for it:

Taking a coach program with Nicole is one of the most gratifying experiences that I know in my life. I felt like I was in a BIG dark hole, I didn't know how to align my life to my goal, but I truly think in that moment I didn't know what were my goals. But the most difficult aspect of that is that I discovered with Nicole that I had many fears about my lifestyle, I was really concerned about my future.

Now I feel amazing, I know what I want, what I need to be in peace with myself, what I need to grow up. I learned to love and look to others with love, the key to be in peace.Nicole’s coaching program is a real energizing experience. It is often very dynamic and proactive , she listens very carefully and closely to what you are currently going through and will provide feedback to create the needed shift. It is a magnificent experience when you start to see and understand things from another realm. Your life begins to change when you apply everything that she exposes you.

She is definitely focused on working with you to find your purpose in life and that you are very happy in this present moment.
It is a unique and wonderful experience!”

Mariana De La Torre

Nicole is one of the most powerful people I know, she has the raw ability of moving people out of their comfort zone and into their true essence. She is wise beyond her years and very acute with human triggers. It has been beautiful to watch Nicole grow from a scared Nicole to a Boss Lady in record time. This is the kind of people we need more of!

Nicole is a beautiful soul, she’s relate able and a visionary, if there is even the slight opportunity for you to work with her, DO IT! This is the game changer you are looking for!

Cristina Collazos

She handled my problems with such gentleness that I felt not only encouraged by also really empowered, truly believing in myself. I feel like I haven’t made that kind of progress in years with some of my most beloved confidantes. Her energy is infectious and she radiates the most positive vibes.

I cannot recommend her services enough. She taught me how to communicate more efficiently and I have only been reaping benefits from her counsel. She really is the best thing that has happened to my life.”

Izzy Pulido

As Seen In:

Can 6 months really help your personal and career goals?

If you are ready to put light on your blind spots, make your 360º a priority, experience real love and passion, it sure can.

By enrolling in this unique program, you definitely will:

  • Do a total 360º and redirect the course your life is taking for good.
  • Let go of dead weight or past experiences that have been blocking you from moving on to a bolder, more loving and fulfilling life.
  • Receive the tools to call in beautiful and deep love to your life
  • Successfully communicate your needs and desires to those you love
  • Finally figure out what you want out of life and how to get it.
  • You will know yourself inside and out
  • Own your confidence in your abilities and what you have to offer to the world
  • Have a healthier relationship with money to support the life you desire to have
  • Let go of guilt and forgive a past that no longer serves you, moving on to build a brighter future


What’s included:

  • Twelve weekly  coaching sessions
  • A two hour coaching intensive session
  • Monthly High level worksheets for immediate results
  • Recorded sessions for future listening

If had to describe the importance of the coaching work that I've done with Nicole and what it has done for my life, I wouldn't have enough time, because the changes I've done for the better can't be measured in money or in words. With Nicole, I've been able to view these opportunities of change that were unknown to me. To share with a person, that knows how to listen to you and knows how to adopt a plan of action made specifically for you and geared towards your own version of success, has no price.

 Nicole, through coaching, knows how to transmit her energy. It's contagious! She turns in to that voice that propels you in those key moments when your first reaction would be different or fearful.

Success Formula : Coaching Sessions With Nicole + Personal Commitment = Your Success! (The Best Version Of You There is)"

Gabriela Perez


Payment In Full: 2657.75 USD

Monthly Payment Plan: Deposit of 750 USD + 355 USD/Month. 

Want to know more if this is the right program for you?

Let’s get talking! Sign up for a free clarity call with me. In it, we will talk about your desires, what is stopping you and if this is the right program for you.

Knowing Yourself Leads To Amazing Love & Passion.

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