#SelfLoveMonday – Finding Your Own Voice

Last week was really exciting and transformational. It really got me thinking on what I love doing, clarity, the true change my  clients are experiencing and my favourite coaching topics.  Any Guesses on my favourite topics? I am supper excited about YOU feeling good about your self worth and net worth.  

I am VERY excited to announce this: from now on, I will focus mainly on this area.  It’s the one area that truly gets me going  AND super pumped.  On Self Love Monday’s I’ll share:

  • Transformational Articles, videos, programs, trainings on Self Love, Confidence, Self Worth & Net Worth.

With that said,  let’s talk today about finding your own voice.

There are many moments in life were we find ourselves looking for outside validation of our decisions, thoughts and desires.  Do you ever find yourself modifying your desires based on the opinions of others, family, loved ones, coworkers, etc.? 
Do you desire to recreate that person’s life or do you want to do things on your own terms?

I find that the main reason why we share these desires with our loved ones is because we desire support, to feel safe while we are embarking a on a new road.  This is totally normal, we ALL desire to be supported, loved and cared for.

My mentor, in one of her trainings, said: A man’s greatest desire is to have his thoughts respected and a woman’s greatest desire is to have her feelings respected. 

This heavily resonated with me. What happens when we feel disrespected in this area? either we let it slide, shut down, stop sharing, become cautious or if we are not conscious about it, we start to slowly modify our desire to fit someone else’s idea of GREAT. 

Loving yourself has a lot to do with honouring your ideas and desires.  My easiest and most effective technique to honor your voice is to associate your desire with the underlying core feeling that this desire will bring to you. When you are clear on the feeling,  you will have unwavering faith to manifest it. The how could change but the goal won’t.

It also pays off to have a  group that has similar goals and supports you fully.  There is no need to invest your energy explaining your desires to people who emotionally bring you down.

Bottom line: Own your YES, don’t mind the rest.

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Loads of Love,



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