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 Nicole helped me to make conscious decisions, to understand that being a professional and having a love life was possible.

Her sessions and therapies completely changed my life . They helped me more than to find a partner, they helped me to find myself and gave me tools to maintain a lifestyle that's spiritual and unlimited.  

Before taking her programs, I always manifested partners at a distance, who were not present and who were a failure in bed haha, and that really hurt me a lot. Her coaching and programs helped me to connect with my vulnerability and to know how to process instead of blocking.  Today I have 17 months with my boyfriend, we live together, he is a great mirror that helps me to go for more and he is completely present.  I, too became present, and I love how things are changing. The tools I have help me to re-order without blocking and more than anything, they help me to flow.

Yelena Arroyo, Panama City, Panama 

Izzy Pullido South Korea

I was approached by Nicole to do life coaching sessions. When our first session arrived, I came to her without any expectations and

by the time the hour was done, I felt wholly transformed.She comes from a place of love and genuine interest that you can’t help but trust her immediately with all your doubts and insecurities.

She handled my problems with such gentleness that I felt not only encouraged by also really empowered, truly believing in myself. I feel like I haven’t made that kind of progress in years with some of my most beloved confidantes. Her energy is infectious and she radiates the most positive vibes. I felt completely secure in her care.

I cannot recommend her services enough.She is truly a gem of an individual and she is a shining example of what positive thinking can do to change us as human beings. She taught me how to communicate more efficiently and I have only been reaping benefits from her counsel.She really is the best thing that has happened to my life.”

“Before contacting Nicole and considering having a life coach, I used to think I was a happy person, sometimes in control and other times (majority) out of control. After several weeks talking to Nicole I can say now that I feel happier and ready to fight for what I want.

My biggest enemy is my mind and the things that I can imagine. Thanks to this experience

I am allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of people and to enjoy every single aspect of life, good or bad
. Knowing that bad things are good depending on how you see them. Today I feel complete, fearless and of course I still have things to change and fears to overcome but Nicole has been helping me so much. When I am going through a hard time or I start feeling a little depressed because of something going on in my life, I remember each and every one of our life coaching sessions.

I have been implementing what I am learning with Nicole in my life and it is wonderful. I am changing to be better and I am loving it. There is still a long path to walk but I trust myself and I am willing to trust others. I made a good decision by accepting this challenge and starting this new life and now I am embracing it with everything I have””

Ana Cristina Burgos, 
Panama City, Panama

Anushka Lalwani
London, England. 

"Nicole for me is a simple message of PURE LOVE. She emanates love so effortlessly that I now believe I can call love into my reality.

My self-confidence and self-love increased tremendously from the first session we had and has been escalating ever since.

I feel so powerful after working with her.
If you are looking to understand what love really means then I totally recommend you work with Nicole. She has a beautiful ability which is to show you your true worth. There are several amazing things that I have learned from Nicole but my favourite one is "Everything starts with love" and she has a unique approach to this. I admire her desire to spread the light.

Taking a coach program with Nicole is one of the most gratifying experiences that I know in my life. I started 4 months ago, in that moment I felt like I was into a BIG dark hole, I didn´t know how align my life to my goal, but I truly think in that moment I didn´t know what were my goals. But the most difficult aspect of that is that I discovered with Nicole that I had many fears about my lifestyle, I was really concerned about my future.

Now I feel amazing, I know what I want, what I need to be in peace with myself, what I need to grow up. I learned to recognize what is really important for me and what is not important. I learned how can I deal with my fears so they do not stop my growth and how to overcome them and the most important thing that I learned is how can I feel good in body, mind and spirit. I learned to love and look to others with love, the key to be in peace.

Nicole’s coaching program is a real energizing experience. It is often very dynamic and proactive , she listens very carefully and closely to what you are currently going through and will provide feedback to create the needed shift. It is a magnificent experience when you start to see and understand things from another realm . Your life begins to change when you apply everything that she exposes you . She is definitely focused on working with you to find your purpose in life and that you are very happy in this present moment.

It is a unique and wonderful experience!”

Mariana De La Torre Panama City, Panama
Eufemia Quezada Panama City, Panama

Making the decision to coach with you, has brought me back to life.
I didn't know what to expect at first but I decided to go in with an open heart and nothing will ever be the same.
I reconnected with my power, it feels like I can breathe again. I found peace within myself after feeling lost for six years. Thanks to your coaching, my life is technicolor again. I am connected with myself and my desires. I am thankful you served me so powerfully.

“Nicole is just a Ball of Light. Just getting close to her you can feel the high vibration. If you are looking to tap into your inner beauty and feminine and create a life full of gratitude and joy this is your girl. She is really able to pinpoint even the smallest block so you can breakthrough in a big way in your life. What I have learned with her is that there is always a way to get things done and upgraded. There are no limits for this girl. She has such a strong DESIRE to be of service and assist women be their highest self possible.

Sherina Mayani London, England
Chelsea Moran Mexico

“My experience with Nicole has been really gratifying since the beginning, her sessions are extremely professional and satiating, She always has the best attitude. She radiates trust and confidence.

What I have loved is that she always provides the options and tools for you to improve on what you signed up for to heal. I have used EFT Tapping with her which helped me at the right moment in my life to release a block that was causing complications in my work life and I can now see the shift in me and I am satisfied with the result!

Internal shifts don’t come easy but they require personal effort to ensure your intentions are met and exceeded. Nicole is always there to support you in this journey!”

“Nicole is one of the most powerful people I know, she has the raw ability of moving people out of their comfort zone and into their true essence. She is wise beyond her years and very acute with human triggers.

This is the kind of people we need more of! Nicole is a beautiful soul, she’s relatable and a visionary, if there is even the slight opportunity for you to work with her, DO IT! This is the game changer you are looking for!

Cristina Collazos Panama City, Panama

My name is Chiara and I did  Goddess of Love program with Nicole Elissa.

 I found her on YouTube I came across her page and found a video and felt like she was directly speaking to me!!!. It was at the lowest point in my life when I found her I was very insecure felt powerless and couldn’t date anymore I was very aware I that something was off with myself because I kept dating unavailable men and I was so tired of it.

By watching her video I came to  the awareness that I was to much in my masculine energy. At first I never heard of these terms masculine  and feminine  energy so I decided to book a consultation with her. Instantly we clicked she was so nice and welcoming and I had no doubt about it at that point in my life I needed to invest in myself for the first time and do this for me! Once I signed up it was soooo fun I got to meet other like minded woman going through the same things I was going through I felt so heard and understood for the first time in my life!

This program was the best thing I ever did for myself on this 30 years I’ve been on this planet  lol! I FOUND myself!!!!! And now I believe if you do not know yourself you will always be lost in life!  

I learned all about feminine energy , connecting to my intuition how to get into my body and released a lot of blockages and this is only so little of what I got from this course. I am still friends with Nicole and we still stay connected she is always there for me I love her so much I am crying as I write this! I have my POWER back!!!! I feel so whole and content everything in my life is better  even my period got sooo much better! I got way more money and clients in my career and all my relationships got better!

I feel right now on the planet the feminine energy is rising and a lot of women are disconnect to their feminine energy and it makes life so much harder !!! I found my purpose through this, now I love helping women connect to their feminine energy and  I bring all this into my work and have helped all my girlfriends and women in my life with all the knowledge  I learned in this program!

It is something I will never forget and always be grateful for! If your are considering this program DONT EVEN QUESTION IT! It will be the best this you ever did for your self! I wish and pray every women finds their power and connects to their feminine energy! 



Jorge Martinez Panama City,  Panama

“I’m a fan and admire of Nicole’s work ethics and commitment as she is a powerful woman in every aspect. I´m having the privilege of working together with Nicole developing a Entrepreneurship Club in Panama and she is one of those person you just can rely on to make things happen. Very passionate about her life, her dreams and has always something inspiring to share with others as a speaker. I really do feel that Nicole was born to be a great coach and to create a positive impact in society, as she carries an amazing gift in her soul. We might just be in the making of the next Oprah of self-development. Mark my words, this girl is on fire!!!”

Nicole Williams is that type of person that causes impact from the very first moment you interact with her. She radiates a very positive and contagious energy. Her genuine interest for the wellbeing of those around her and

her incomparable capacity to guide, makes her a point of reference for anyone who desires an integral and effective improvement in their life

She is a person with a high sense of integrity, a solid work ethic and above all, she is guided by all the love her being expresses.

She is a leader that

reflects her success in her every day life
, trained with the right tools for you to reach your full potential.

Melvyn Camarena 

Panama City, Panama

Odalys Perez Panama City, Panama

"This past year, I would describe it like a roller coaster, going high at times with fast drops that only fueled my insecurities and fears. Thankfuly in one point I saw that I needed a change, my fears were only getting me stuck and I didn't see a way out. Some people say that the answer is in front of you and you don't see it, well my answer was Nicole. I have known her for a very long time, all my life if you ask me.  It was energising and motivating to see her change day by day, that I started changing as well. 

With her guidance and contagious energy, I have finally expressed and overcomed long lasting insecurities and learn how to not let them affect anymore.
If you are in that turning point like me,
go for a change and don't doubt to contact her ... you will not regret it! "

“What can I say about Nicole and her sessions; they are so full of good vibes and energy that words are not enough. From our first session, she was able to recognize all those situations where I was sabotaging myself.

One is thing is for sure, you may start as a client but you will end up being friends with her. Thanks Nicole, for

helping me on being more focused and becoming a better version
of myself!”

Karla Olmos Panama City, Panama
Gabriela Perez Panama City, Panama

“ If had to describe the importance the coaching i've done with Nicole has done  for my life, I wouldn't have enough time, because the changes i've done for the better can't be measured in money or in words.
How to leave behind a life of internal vicious cycles? with this, I am not trying to say that coaching is to point out mistakes.  Coaching has been about healing, growing and giving yourself infinite opportunities. With Nicole, I've been able to view these opportunities of change that were unknown to me.

To Share with a person, that knows to listen and knows how to adopt a plan of action made  especially for you geared towards your own version of  success,  has no price.

Nicole, through coaching, knows how to transmit her energy. It's contagious! She turns in to

that voice that propels you in those moments when your first reaction would be different or fearful. 

Success Formula : Coaching Sessions With Nicole + Personal Commitment = Your Success! (The Best Version Of You There is)"

“Knowing Nicole is the best thing that happened to me, I’ve seen her succeed in everything that has proposed herself to do and now in this phase I can say that it will not be the exception.

I feel confident in saying that there is nothing better than being surrounded by people who support , counsel and inspire you to do much more. Nicole is definitely among them.”

Personally she has helped me a lot by giving wonderful advice, encouraging me to continue with the goals that I have set.
She provided me with information to start doing EFT (Emotional Frequency Tapping) and I have made amazing progress in several aspects of my life so far. It’s amazing how interacting with her for just five minutes gives you a boost with her positive emotions, good thoughts and wishes.

Caridad Sanchez