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These programs have been carefully designed for women who are committed to truly live life on their own terms , be completely authentic and be loved for who they are.
It is time to eliminate limiting beliefs that you have received while growing up, thanks to society but that are definitely NOT yours.
You are good enough.

You have something wonderful to share with the world.
You are beautiful just the way you are.
You can create beautiful relationships, even if you don't know how to right now.
You can do what you love and be successful at it.You can be happy, supported and at peace in life on a consistent basis.
You can have all of this and more!

If you desire to work with me privately, my Goddess Of Love program (private feminine energy coaching program)  is the way to go.  Apply for a complimentary clarity call to explore working together.  Let your energy speak louder than words.

We are currently enrolling for You Are The Prize ( Let your vibration speak louder than words) , set up an assessment call with me if you are serious : You Are The Prize Assessment Call ( Starting May 20th, 2022)

As somebody who has dealt with a lot of hurt in the past, and as a result built walls around my heart to keep it safe. I can confidently testify that working with Nicole has opened me up in more ways than one.

Working with Nicole didn’t just open me up to receiving external affection, but also expanded the relationship I hold with myself. 

In just 6 weeks of deep energetic work, my perspective on things, as well as my actions have shifted to a place of unfamiliarity. I taste life’s bliss I care about what I put in my body. Ive developed a self care routine that I do every week because I now know I deserve to be taken care of, to be loved.

When I’m working on attracting my mate, the phrase “Thank you Universe for the fulfilling relationship I have with my boyfriend.” Hits different. The energy behind it gives me the butterflies. It’s easier to say-it’s easier to believe. 

The work can be tough, so be prepared to let go. I processed some stuck emotions that left me feeling a bit spacey. It’s like that feeling after a good cry. A knowing that it’s going to be all right. 

I would recommend Nicole to anybody who is serious about changing their perspective around relationships, and love. You'll be surprised on what could be holding you back from your desires." - James Litcomp, United States

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole Elissa as my coach! At the beginning I had my doubts, I didn’t have the money and I was in a very confusing moment in my life. I am so happy that I decided to work with Nicole! Thanks to her coaching and clearings I was able to realise that a lot of the ideas that I had about love, relationships, men were not true and were outdated! My relationship with my partner changed SO much for the better because of her insights! My relationships in general changed for the better. I was able to shift my mindset and change my paradigms. I came out of an unconscious comfort zone that was hindering my relationships.  Her support was crucial for me during this process. It wasn’t an easy process but with her it got easier and the changes have been of tremendous impact! I highly recommend you work with her! I know you’ll see amazing changes and results, just like i did! Her clearings are AMAZING! - Melanie Soto