Top Quality Love : Love Consciousness Training Led by Nicole Elissa – Pay in full

  • January 30, 2019 /

In this session we will go deep on :

– Cultivate that one-of-a-kind-love were you feel cherished and your man feels respected and appreciated. Both of you feel fulfilled.

Attract love from a Love Consciousness space so you feel accepted, loved, seen for who your really are and attract a man that fully honors you and cherishes you.

 Know how to master yourself so that you don’t throw projections to the relationship or your partner and let the relationship go sideways or stale. 
– Build an incredible sense of worth and acceptance within yourself ,heal the charge that you have around not being accepted, etc so that you confidently attract that in your partner.
– Learn how to really see and appreciate your man.  This one is one of the key elements that I work with my clients.

Attracting and having a one of a kind type of love and relationship requires willingness and a deep YES within yourself, to know you are worthy and to release the old paradigms and programs you’ve built over the years that create separation and loneliness rather than love and deep union. 

My program Top Quality Love is for the woman who is willing to say yes to her love vision and is ready to take action now to fully embody the truth of her worth and consciously attract a higher level of engagement from men in her life AND attract the one.

No settling. She’s ready for the one and is committed to seek her alignment now and attract him easily with my 7- week clear and guided process in my Top Quality Love Signature Program.

You’ll get:

Over 12 hours of transformational love coaching with Nicole Elissa

Two private sessions with her

Exclusive Q&A

Private FB support group to have questions answered

Exclusive PDF on key steps to embody love and attract a higher caliber man

Plus any additional material Nicole sees fit to support you during the program.

2,900 USD

Pay in full discount is: 2,700 USD

(200 USD off)