Step Into Your Power In Love – Love, Self-Empowerment and Intuition Training by Nicole Elissa

  • November 13, 2019 /

Step Into Your Power a high-level love coaching program for the who is ready to attract the best men for her, own her self-confidence to a whole new level and create the love life she has always dreamed of.

This is a program for the woman who is ready to open up her heart, own her worth to a whole new level that attracts high-quality men who really see her and cherish her for who she is.

If you’ve been single for years and only meet men every now and then, who are not what you want or you’ve been going out on dates with men that only want sex or are emotionally unavailable, this program will shift things around for you very easily.

Why? Most women don’t know this but in my experience as a Transformational Love Coach, what I’ve seen is a tendency of women protecting their hearts from love (even though they really want it and are committed to having it) and what it does is that it attracts men who are incapable of giving them what they need and/or want.  These men are not ready to give a generous love.  This form of protection in women creates a sort of shield that shuts their hearts from giving and/or receiving the Top Quality Love they want.

When a woman’s heart is closed from fear, repeated experiences, assumptions, past hurt, etc. we must work on embodying self-worth that is open, connected and magnetic to the right man that wants to give you all that you desire.

Step into Your Power – Love Coaching Program with Nicole Elissa features :

– Four online  Half-Day Coaching Masterclasses with Nicole Elissa designed to help you:

  • Release fear, past hurt, blockages to being in your power, trusting love and self -love
  • Clear generational programs of fear inherited from your family that is affecting what you attract n love and that secretly stop you from fully moving forward and having the results that you want
  • Move you into the consciousness of courage (different than just feeling courageous) so that you rise above any limiting fear, thought or form of consciousness that keeps you stuck.
  • Know how to open up your true intuition and strengthen it vs confuse it with fear and protection mechanisms that keep you in the loop of not having the love that you want. This will open your channels to have better communication with source and you’ll be guided to meet the one with ease.
  • Move you into a more consistent state of consciousness of love and receivership to help you embody your empowered feminine energy.
  • Move you fully into your power and self-trust in love so that you shine brighter and are noticed by the right men.

– Private FB group and Q+A inside of the group on specific dates with Nicole Elissa

– Recording of the calls that are yours to keep forever. 

– Key videos and materials to support you in strengthening your intuition and opening up with confidence. Trust yourself in love and you’ll be magnetic, confident and powerful. All eyes on you because you are ready for your prize: Your most ideal life and partnership.

The investment for this course is 2,300 USD.  The investment of the program is non-refundable.