LS – Clearing Program

  • May 3, 2021 /

 Energy release program

This training is a course on clearing and releasing old energy that’s preventing you from moving forward in your life and love life. We address core principles that stop you or block you and how to release the energy that’s been making you feel confused, hurt, shut down with a lack of clarity of how to attract even better in your love life.

You’ll get two  clearing calls focused on helping you :
– Choose yourself
– Feel free and in your power
– Release the need to control 
– Release energies of hardship, having to be the leader and attracting takers
– Clear old energies that feel like / add weight to your life, your choices, decisions, and manifestations
By doing these clearings you will actually let go of CORE belief systems that get in the way of you attracting or having the happiness you truly deserve and feel fully worthy and deserving of it.
The investment for this course is 684 USD.  You are making two payments of  342 USD.  The investment is non-refundable.