Attract Emotionally Available Men

  • February 14, 2019 /
 Attract Emotionally Available Men Energy release course that helps you release the beliefs that create the sensitivity within you. That make you question if you can have love and those feelings of you feeling different or fear love.
You’ll get three recordings with:
Energy clearing for forgiveness and release practice
How to come back to center and move to a love consciousness.
How to trust you can have love.
Finding peace in your search for love
Clear old beliefs that are fear based, which make you want to hide, not let yourself have love or attract men that embody the fears or wounds of your past. 
Three main calls to clear and release the energy of the beliefs that make you doubt love and that make you feel confused.
By doing these clearings you will actually let go of CORE belief systems that get in the way of you attracting or having the relationship you truly deserve and feel fully worthy and deserving of it.
The investment for this course is 700 USD. The investment is non refundable.