2021 Divine Love Extravaganza : Shine like a Queen!

  • December 28, 2020 /

2021 is the year of intimacy, divine acceptance, and union. 

This is the year we get to truly release any and all fears that lead to more intimacy, pleasure, and joy in our lives!

In essence, it is the year of being fully grounded and expanded in our receiving as women!

This is an interactive, online livestream  clearing event on raising your love manifestation and vibration for 2021!

If you feel 2020 sucker-punched your magic: you are feeling alone, unnoticed, not celebrated, seen, or recognized as the Goddess that you really are, then let’s clear the pain, judgments, fears 2020 brought up about your love life… for good.

2021 Divine Love Extravaganza comes with two major events: Shine Like a Queen and Clear the Immature, Emotionally Available, Toxic Man Away!

You can choose to participate in one or in both. There is a fast-action bonus if you desire to choose the full experience with both events! ( It will be described below). 

This option is if you are choosing Shine like a Queen!  If you desire to only participate in Clear The Immature, Emotionally Unavailable, Toxic Man away, please select the option with that title.



Shine like a Queen: Aligning your feminine energy for magic in 2021

+ You’ll receive intuitive messages on how to manifest divine love in 2021!

+ We will clear your personal fears of intimacy:  like fears of disappointment, stopping the flow in fear of getting your hopes up or fear of getting hurt.

We will clear any fears of intimacy or fears of getting your hopes up that have piled up in 2020! You get to receive and allow good things to come to your life in abundance!

+ We will boost your energy of trust and open up your channels to receive healthy love AND be seen.

+ Hold the frequency of “I am enough AND worthy of your attention”. We will work on expanding that and sedimenting it or grounding it in your energy so men feel that.

+ We will work on the second-guessing habits and ways you unintentionally shrink your energy or make yourself invisible to the type of man that you want.

We will clear them so that you feel confident, beautiful, magnetic and irresistible! Your energy will be FELT across the internet or any room you enter. NO more hiding!

You’ll expand your capacity to receive!

See, during this time of isolation, a lot of fears or insecurities from the past came up to the surface. Let’s clear them and open up to true intimacy and expansion in 2021! 

The investment for 2021 Divine Love Extravaganza: Shine like a Queen is 222 USD.  You are making one payment of  222 USD to get access to this event.

*** If you decide to get The Full Experience Pass, you’ll get a unique Fast Action Bonus! 

If you desire to get access to both events, please register for the “Full Experience” option. With that one you’ll get: Shine like a Queen: Aligning your feminine energy for magic in 2021 and Clear the Toxic, Immature, Unavailable Man Away!: Raise your vibe to a man YOU trust! 

The first 9 who register for the FULL EXPERIENCE will receive a live private 75-minute clearing with me to clear any love related energy that might have come up for you or didn’t support you in 2020!   The goal is to boost your love manifestation power. 

We will meet in small groups of three women for a private 75 minute a Goodbye 2020 love clearing!  Don’t miss this opportunity. This bonus alone 888 USD and you’ll get it for free!

It is ONLY for those who join the full experience. ***


The investment for shine like a Queen is 222 USD and it is non-refundable.