New Article: Invite Newness To Your Life Today!

Hi Gorgeous!

I want to share with you my excitement, joy, nervousness and out of this world energy. All of it. I am in a play! I can’t believe it.  A friend of mine is directing a play and as we were speaking, I mentioned to him how I loved organizing and acting in plays during high school and he invited me to act in one and omg, it’s happening.

It’s one thing to say that I used to love it in high school and actually participate in a professional play + it’s been YEARS. Anyways, every day I am taken outside of my comfort zone and it is glorious, want to know why? It is creating the space and energy for me to expand emotionally and spiritually, as well. Who would have thought.

Every day I  am connecting to new parts of me  and I am discovering so much about my train of thought. I get the feeling that this experience is taking me to places that will only benefit me enormously from now till forever.

Newness brings so much change, love and light to your life. Don’t let every day life take that away from you.

Do something different every day, you’ll be surprised at the amount of magic you can create by applying this.

If you are feeling a little bit lost or bored by your lifestyle, spike things up a little or A LOT. Only you get to change how you feel about your life.

If you’ve ever been waiting for a sign to do something new or exciting but were a little resistant to do it because your area of comfort is seriously appealing right now, this is it. If anything, let your area of comfort expand to new experiences, don’t you think? #FoodForThought

Hope this inspires you to do something beautiful for your life today!

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Wishing you the best now and always,


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