Love Liberates You!

I just saw the most amazing video by Dr. Maya Angelous on this exact title, love liberates. It sedimented what I’ve always known, manifesting love is not just about receiving, it has to do with how much love you are giving, as well.

My best advice for you today is to give love, as much as you can AND expect to receive it back.  Why? Because YOU are love and there is no shortage of love in this universe if we decide  it is available for us.

Let the universe guide and show you where you will receive it from. Just focus on giving love and knowing you are worth of receiving this love straight back at you.

Love is not a destination but the journey. Love for you who are, for your loved ones and to call that special partner you’ve always wanted.

So fill yourself up with love on a daily basis, treat yourself wit love and everyone who surrounds you. Give it your all because life is a reflection of how we deal with the little things and the big things. The more love you add to everything you do, the more you will receive it too.

Remember, love is yours. You are worth ALL the love that is open and ready for you.

If you are 100% for love, I invite you to first heal your old perceptions around love so you can shift them around, below you’ll find gifts to do so.

First Gift:

Put a spotlight on your beliefs around love & start working on changing them:

 Download Worksheet here.  (Right Click + Save As) 

Second Gift:

Listen to this training to start healing these love beliefs.
Old thoughts & emotions must be healed to move forward in life or else we will repeat them. 

Click here to receive training in your email. 


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