You're a unique, radiant  woman who deserves to fully express herself authentically, enjoy her life to the maximum and attract an equally amazing, confident man.  

You've always wanted deep, amazing love. You've known this always, even when you were a little a girl but you have no idea where to find this man and create this level of commitment, openness and  lasting passion between the two of you. 

If you are thinking: "How can I create and find this sort of love if I only attract unavailable men and in the past & I've lost myself in the process of creating a romantic relationship?"

I get it, I used to think and feel this way too. 

The truth is, you don't need to shrink  in your life and settle for  an "okay" experience in love.

You can open up to a vast, limitless experience of love that starts fully within YOU, truly going for the life and self expression you've always desired . This will truly attract deep and lasting love in your life, because it starts with the love you give to yourself. 

This way, you are confidently giving to yourself the desires you've always wanted and also attracting  the right man's devotion and interest, that is a complete match of your energy and freedom in your self expression. 

True love is limitless, boundless,  expansive and it's the definition of freedom to thrive in your greatness. When you are truly confident in your own skin, you are MESMERIZING and you will attract the love you've always wanted because you ARE love.  

Anything else is an illusion and we are here to release the fears and habits that block us from experiencing it.

My belief is that Self Love Is the key  to grow truly confident in your skin, feel safe being seen and appreciated for your essence. With deep Self Love you  learn how to attract and cultivate  the most  beautiful, loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself first so you can extend that light and love to your man. 

Authentic, deep self love is the key to your attractiveness and sense of fulfilment. 

This is for You If ...

  • You are 100% ready to commit yourself to being incredibly confident in your light, worth & feminine essence.
  • You are 100% ready to do both the internal and Practical steps from a place of love.
  • You are ready to take consistent, inspired action and are desiring to be highly supported along the way.
  • You are done with overwhelm, burnout and trying to figure out how to do everything on your own. 
  • You understand that in order to have the confidence and self acceptance you are looking for, you'll have to let go of fear and up level your thoughts, feelings, actions and way of being. 
  • You are ready to create a life filled with colour, beauty, ease and flow. 
  • You are ready to  connect with your feminine energy. Recognize it's strength, power and magnetism. You are ready to stop seeing your feminine energy as weak. 
  • You are ready to feel 100% mesmerising, shine bright and fall in love with your own light. 
  • You are ready to receive love, allow it to come in and also open up to the right man's attention. 
  • You are interested in knowing how to feel powerful as you express your emotions and are vulnerable with the right man. 

More than anything, you are ready to be the woman you've always known you are capable of being & attract an equally powerful, confident, loving partner that supports you fully along the way. 

This program is focused on these three  pillars: 

  • Confidence Building & True Embodiment Of Your Feminine Essence
    - We go deep in: Empowered communication, Authentic Self Expression, Self Care & Boundaries. 
  • The Art Of Receiving & Deepening Our Capacity To Love
    - We go deep in: Connect with our feminine essence to receive and experience true happiness,  open up to our emotions and the importance of being vulnerable and trusting in love. 
  • Understanding & transforming our relationship with the masculine. 
    - We go deep in: Understanding Masculine energy and how masculine and feminine energy flow together and create beauty. In order to attract great men we  are called to clear our mindset around them and appreciate the masculine figure in our lives.  We forgive the past and heal it. 



Proven, step by step calls designed to help you grow  confident in your skin, give yourself permission to shine and authentically express yourself so you are completely in love with your life and attract an amazing man in your life.


Get personalized coaching from a Master Coach trained in my method so you  get results based on your specific situation.  

These calls are designed to expand on the knowledge provided during the group calls and you get immediate results. 


Meet and build strong, deep relationships with women who  are on the same path as you.  Women who are ready to open up to love fully, create a beautiful sisterhood and support each other during your journey. 
You also get access to ask me questions in between calls  at the FB group so you are truly supported all the way through. 


This event is designed to go deep in love and remove the blocks that are in the way.

 You get the opportunity to meet women in the group live and truly work together to develop core confidence, expand your capacity to love and truly understand and appreciate men. 

12 Month Private Coaching Program With Nicole Elissa

To Manifest The Love You've Always Wanted, You First Have To Give To Yourself What You've Always Wanted From The World:  Unconditional Love & Learn How To Embody This Powerful State Of Being.

What You’ll Get...

Two Coaching Sessions With Nicole Per Month (24 instead of 5).
3 Subconscious Healing Sessions With Nicole. 
Exclusive E-mail Access To Coach With Nicole In Between Sessions.
Half  Day Intensive Coaching Session With Nicole. 

Exclusive Access To My 12 Month  Group Coaching Program: Mesmerizing Woman Mastery.
Which comes with:
Three Group Coaching Calls A Month
Private Access To FB Group For Support & Sisterhood
1 Live Retreat In 2017.

Basically, there is no way you won't get your desired love life and the great news is, it's focused on YOU. The Program was built to be so comprehensive so you never experience burnout or sabotage your way in the process. 


This coaching program is crafted as a mastery course in love, for yourself and for the romantic relationship you desire to create.   When you commit and invest in yourself as your biggest priority, you are rewarded with the life you've always known you deserve.  A year long program keeps you on track, so you don't self sabotage and get yourself across the finish line with the right support and attention. 

Any more questions, please e-mail me at 

Nicole Elissa - Transformational Love Coach works in US Dollars and we accept the following forms of payment: