Develop Your Psychic Intuition With The Help Of Your Angels and Guides  
Feminine Intuition, Power & Psychic Abilities For Women From All Walks of Life 
Led by Nicole Elissa, Intuitive Love Coach for 
Successful, Driven Women 

In this powerful training I'll show you how to use your intuition and succeed in your love life, career, health, relationships and every day life.

Clear intuition can save you time, money, heartbreak and it helps you attract the love of your dreams, it will boost your connection to the universe and your angels and ancestors, it will help you attract the right partnerships ( personal and professional), manifest the best deals/ opportunities , and so much more! 

Join this Masterclass to unlock your intuition for better dating, manifesting and receiving.

We know, as women we perceive and sense things but we don't always know what is intuition and what is fear or stress.
In this  2 1/2 Month training, I'll guide you on how to unlock your intuition, clear blocks to intuition so you can succeed and completely support yourself in your love journey AND Personal Life.

Develop Your Psychic Intuition includes 6 Modules to boost intuition and clarity  +  3 Live Clearing + Training day events starting July 14th, 2023

Live training + clearing dates are: 
Friday, July 14th , 2023  at 6:30 PM CST/ 7:30 PM EST/ 4:30 PM PST Duration: 1 Hour 
Sunday, August 20th,  2023 at 10: 30 AM CST/ 11:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM PST Duration 2 Hours 
Saturday, September 9 ,  2023 at 3: 30 PM CST/ 4:30 PM EST/ 1:30 PM PST Duration 2 Hours

This is the last time I'll be doing this training live.  
Live dates are NOT recorded. All Six modules are recorded and you can use and connect with at your own convenience.  

In this training you'll  practice and learn how to :

+ Unblock your chakras for deeper intuitive awareness
+ Release Unconscious fears to knowing the truth

+ Reclaim your power from controlling people who have blocked your intuition since childhood

+ Release The 4 main blocks to intuitive mastery for women
+ Practice spiritual and intuitive hygiene / etiquette  to keep a clear mind and know the truth 
+ Practices and  intuition clearings that you can always use to grow stronger in your intuitive wisdom 
+  3 Intuitive tools to boost your manifesting practices and to get clear answers:
Crystals for Manifesting
Meditation for Manifesting
Journaling for Manifesting
+ Psychic protection protocols with the help of Archangel Michael

The Masterclass provides additional guidance and meditations that will be offered as part of the training. 

You also have the option to join the event and receive 2 - 1:1 coaching/ clearing sessions with Nicole for guidance on enhancing your intuition and/ or clear any  emotional stressors that  defeat your psychic knowing. 

Below, you can select the option you prefer:

Special bonuses:

Would you like to know the name of your guardian angel? i'll share with you the name of your guardian angel and Archangel that is supporting you!


Feminine Intuition, Power & Psychic Abilities For Women

Feminine Intuition, Power & Psychic Abilities For Women



This event is non refundable. 

Read what Customers have said! 

“ Nicole is such a kind hearted coach who always puts her clients first. You can tell she really really cares for people and her clients. She has taught me so much about myself, the world and spirituality. And has helped me step into my power so much! Working with Nicole has helped my confidence, self love, wisdom, and power grow tremendously. I really wouldn’t be where I am in my life journey without her. She really did up level my sense of self and confidence and for that I will always be grateful!  Oh and Nicole has the most amazing intuition!! I’ve seen her help myself and other clients using her intuition, she really helps people gain insight and clarity into their lives. Thank you again Nicole! 

Jamila Williams
Los Angeles, USA

I Am Nicole Elissa

Nicole Elissa is a Transformational Love Coach for Powerful, Successful Women who are ready to own their Feminine Power of Attraction (TM) at a soul level and attract the epic love they have always desired.  Nicole encourages her clients to not wait for magic to happen in their love lives and instead own that they are the magic! She will help you open up your channels of attraction and feel irresistible, like a catch, no matter what. 

She helps her clients through  Divine Feminine intuitive coaching and energy clearing work to embody their own unique feminine frequency and attract soulmate love.  Nicole offers her services in English and Spanish.