Inspired Action Vs. Conditioned Action

Who Is Excited For Today’s FEARLESS Training? I am! 

Today, I want to talk about what it means to recognise your own voice and when to take inspired action.


It’s easy to stay a hostage of fear when we only operate based on what other people, society or our family believe is right for us. Even though they mean well, most of the time what we learn is based on fear.  Have you ever heard the saying that indicates that we end up replicating what we believe and see growing up? I remember it clearly and it was terrifying for me, to say the least.  Looking back, I see that it was fuel to get to where I am today.

Each and every single one of us is born with beautiful ideas, made out of love, to create in our life and that is why we can’t allow ourselves to rob the world out of these ideas because we are scared, we don’t believe they will work or will be accepted because they are what we are used to.  It is key to treat these ideas with tenderness, care and love. We must find ways to allow them to grow and protect our energy to ensure they do come true.  It’s funny, at the end of the day, when these ideas come to fruition, everyone will be benefited. Included the ones who weren’t supporting you at the beginning.

it’s time we start thinking if what we are co-creating in our life is based on someone else’s voice or if it is our own. Release and forgive the ideas that were holding you backand start reinforcing the new bold ideas that support YOUR vision.

To take inspired action, we must always focus on our WHY.  Always forgive old and limiting ideas and focus on the new, positive and bold.

When do you take inspired action? when you feel supported in this new belief. when you have set up the structures to ensure you feel safe, happy and free.

Disassociate with the belief that we are in a universe that doesn’t support us. It is our birthright to be supported, loved and cared for with our ideas. Listen to your internal voice, it is the universe speaking through you about his own nature: expansion, love and possibilities.

it’s our call to demonstrate this truth. Don’t be afraid. The universe has your back!

In Today’s training, I’ll expand more on how to become fearless and take action based on your own voice  in today’s world and how to feel supported in the process.

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Thursday, February 19th, 2015
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