2021 is the year of intimacy, divine acceptance, and union. 

This is the year we get to truly release any and all fears that lead to more intimacy, pleasure, and joy in our lives!

In essence, it is the year of being fully grounded and expanded in our receiving as women!

This is an interactive, online live feminine energy training  on raising your love manifestation and vibration for 2021!

If you feel previous relationships made you question yourself  and you want to become a better dater, grow confident in your feminine energy and have an open, irresistible energy with high caliber, conscious men, then this training is for you! 


 Live Online Training with Nicole Elissa, Intuitive Love Coach to Date Like a Goddess 


Date with more confidence:

- Learn how to manifest love with your Divine Feminine Magic.  You'll receive key tools shared in my Feminine Power Of Attraction Method (TM) that will boost your feminine magnetism and help you attract divine partnership.  If you want to attract a divine soulmate, this teaching is crucial. 

- Build intuition to choose compatible and eligible partners: We will do energy clearing to help you in the process of choosing partners so fears, ego, insecurities or lack of awareness doesn't interfere when you are choosing your partner. 

+ Checklist and questionnaire to help you in this in depth process
+  Eye-opening clearing to release all the places were you tend to  unconsciously overcompromise your values and stay with partners that are not the right fit for longer than you should.
+ Energy boosting practice to raise your value and how others interact with you.

- Let go of energetic ties with past partners, ghosters and even partners you can't seem to let go of ( These don't allow the dynamic to change and can either block the right partner from coming in or not allowing said person to change the end of their dynamic for the better)

- Open up to the divine masculine and clear hidden judgements and fears that keep love at a distance. This is especially valuable if you've been single for years or you tend to keep men at a distance.  We will clear fears and judgements of a toxic man, an over jealous partner, fear of drama, a man that is only into looks and might leave you for someone younger or "prettier",  fears of disappointment,  fear of control, fear of a macho man, a man that would ghost or cheat. We are amplifying your TRUST in the Divine Masculine, so you attract men of honor, reliable, loyal, trustworthy and caring.

+ You’ll receive intuitive messages on how to manifest divine love in 2021!

+ We will boost your Goddess confidence and your overall sense of attractiveness.

+ We will boost your confidence in choosing yourself and oozing Goddess confidence  ( wether you are single or in a relationship)

+ We will help you raise your confidence, acceptance and receiving of the masculine and work on releasing any fears or control around the masculine so you experience deeper intimacy and attract with more confidence. 

+ We will cut cords  and attachment to past lovers 

+We will clear your personal fears of attraction: fears of not being chosen,  fear of disappointment or not being met.

We will boost your energy of trust and open up your channels to receive healthy love AND be seen.

Hold the frequency of “I am enough AND worthy of your attention”. We will work on expanding that and sedimenting it or grounding it in your energy so men feel that.

+ We will work on the second-guessing habits and ways you unintentionally shrink your energy or make yourself invisible to the type of man or relationship that you want.

We will clear them so that you feel confident, beautiful, magnetic and irresistible!Your energy will be FELT across the internet or any room you enter. NO more hiding!

You’ll expand your capacity to receive!


See, during this time of isolation, a lot of fears or insecurities from the past came up to the surface. Let’s clear them and open up to true intimacy and expansion in 2021!

Instead of focusing on isolation, doubt or loneliness, let's focus on DESIRE,  ALIGNMENT and  TRUST.

Let's BOOST your Feminine Energy and Magnetism!  

The investment for this course is 444 USD.  The investment for any of the live online training is nonrefundable.


******FAST ACTION BONUS********

The first 5 who register this week for   Goddess of Love Weekend,   by Sunday, September 19th 2021, you will be gifted 3 live  90-minute clearings to boost your feminine confidence and intimacy fears attracting the masculine.   The goal is to boost your love manifestation power. The bonus calls will lead up to the starting date of the weekend masterclass.

This bonus alone  is worth 777 USD and you’ll get it for free! 

We start October 30th, 2021!

Saturday, October 30th at 12:30 PM CST/ 1:30 PM EST/ 10:30 AM PST

Sunday, October 31st at 10:30 AM CST / 11:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM PST

You'll get the recordings of the weekend deep dive training two days after the event. 


Nicole Elissa is a Transformational Love Coach for Successful Women who are ready to own their Feminine Power of Attraction (TM) at a soul level and attract the epic love they have always desired.  Nicole encourages her clients to not wait for magic to happen in their love lives and instead own that they are the magic! She will help you open up your channels of attraction and feel irresitible, like a catch, no matter what. 

She helps her clients through  Divine Feminine intuitive coaching and energy clearing work to embody their own unique feminine frequency and attract soulmate love.  Nicole offers her services in English and Spanish. 

If you join by Tomorrow 11:59 PM PST, you'll get my intuitively guided, Expand Your Heart Meditation to help you boost your feminine energy and align with your higher self!

This is for You If ...

  • You are 100% ready to commit yourself to being incredibly confident in your light, worth & feminine essence.
  • You are 100% ready to do both the internal and Practical steps from a place of love.
  • You are ready to take consistent, inspired action and are desiring to be highly supported along the way.
  • You are done with overwhelm, burnout and trying to figure out how to do everything on your own. 
  • You understand that in order to have the confidence and self acceptance you are looking for, you'll have to let go of fear and up level your thoughts, feelings, actions and way of being. 
  • You are ready to create a life filled with colour, beauty, ease and flow. 
  • You are ready to  connect with your feminine energy. Recognize it's strength, power and magnetism.
  • You are ready to receive love, allow it to come in and also open up to the right man's attention. 
  • You are interested in knowing how to feel powerful as you express your emotions and are vulnerable with the right man. 

More than anything, you are ready to be the woman you've always known you are capable of being & attract an equally powerful, confident, loving partner that supports you fully along the way. 

Say goodbye to the old and enjoy the holiday season with a   with fresh, new energy in love!   

You're a unique, radiant  woman who deserves to fully express herself authentically, enjoy her life to the maximum and attract an equally amazing, confident man.

To Manifest The Love You've Always Wanted, You First Have To Give To Yourself What You've Always Wanted From The World:  Unconditional Love & Learn How To Embody This Powerful State Of Being.