3 x Your Love, Profitability & Wellbeing!

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"

Feminine Manifestation Masterclass for Successful, Confident Women

LIVE Week-long Manifestation Energy Clearing Masterclass to strengthen your faith, align with Love, Grace, Peace & Prosperity 
 November 20th- November 29th, 2023

Faith In Love : Monday & Tuesday, November 20th & 21st
Faith In Yourself : Friday & Saturday, November 24th & 25h 
Faith in Prosperity: Monday & Tuesday,November 27th & 28th 
Q&A, Support & Coaching: Wednesday, November 29th  (Included for all participants)

The clearings are live. They are not recorded. 

How it works:
During the live clearing events, I'll guide you to clear the main limiting beliefs  that are creating emotional roadblocks and blocks to your manifestations in love, finances and wellbeing.

We will focus on clearing the limiting beliefs and integrating a solid, foundation of faith and the positive beliefs that will 3x your manifestations before the year ends! 

This amplifies your energy for powerful manifestations and alignment! 

From this event, you will get: 
- New, powerful divinely guided ideas that will open up doors for you. 

- Miraculous experiences  & fated encounters with your soul tribe,  future partners & business opportunities! 

- Increase your profit & improve your work/ life balance.

Why this works:
We will clear away any mental or emotional doubt or stress in your body and soul, which strengthens your faith  and the power behind your actions and choices.

Mental and/ or emotional blocks can delay, confuse our inner guidance  & sabotage our manifestations. 

It is important to be clear, open and available for love, money and wellbeing we desire.

Now more than ever, it is important to have faith.  
When your energy is full of faith, you attract miracles and abundance with ease: 

- Creative ideas bubble up to the surface that are guided and that work

-You manifest love, higher income and blessings based of your energy and not imposed limiting beliefs from friends, loved ones, colleagues, etc

- Imagine attracting with ease even when others tell you and/or believe it is difficult, hard or impossible! 
- Imagine mot having to worry about evil eye or others finding out about your manifestations in progress! 

How I Manifested Increase & How You Can Do It Too :

When I still worked in Corporate, I manifested higher pay and increase when the entire company was told "Finance was in freeze" and that we could only get a 3% increase.  I was deeply disturbed at the idea of getting a 3% raise for a more demanding role, knowing that I wouldn't be able to request an additional raise in a year and a half. 

I saw peers and colleagues switch to different roles accepting this as the norm.

I remember going to the bathroom and doing my energy clearing/ nervous system reprogramming work  to accept higher pay and build courage to speak up and I was offered 28%, even when  colleagues in higher paying roles adamantly said that it was impossible. 

I remember putting my trust in what I was doing and ensuring that my energy was open for what I wanted and deserved and you can do this too! 

I've helped clients attract a higher pay, new titles with all commodities paid, even when their boss said there were no resources available or even when they were trying to belittle my clients and make them feel insecure! 

I taught my clients how to own their energy, let their energy speak for themselves and command the value they deserve both in their love lives, personal lives and careers. 

You don't have to stay or work with people that don't value you or make you want to shrink to boost their ego! 

Stop leaking your power! 

I was guided to host this transformative event to boost your faith, attract miracles & attract increase in all areas of your life.

This Masterclass promises to manifest increase, satisfaction, boost your manifestations & certainty within your soul. 

Every woman is powerful and magnetic. 
It is our birthright, even if we haven't felt that way due to old patterns, upbringing, bullying, misogyny, society, etc 

You can reclaim this truth and start to manifest exactly the love, prosperity and satisfaction you deserve!
YOU are worthy, YOU are deserving, YOU are special.

Faith, Faith, Faith!
Join the full masterclass or the events you prefer! 
Increase Your Faith and Magnetism Now: 

Monday, November 20th - Wednesday, November 29th

Faith In Love
Faith In Yourself
Faith In Prosperity
Coaching Event + Manifestation QA 

Monday, November 20th - Tuesday, November 21st
6:00 PM CST/7:00 PM EST/ 4:00 PM PST
-Release limiting beliefs about love 
- Integrate positive beliefs about love, dating and attracting the one
- Get personalized, intuitive messages on how where you can meet the one. 

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Friday, November 24th  & Saturday, November 25th
FRI 6:00 PM CST/7:00 PM EST/ 4:00 PM PST / SAT  4:00 PM CST/ 5:00 PM EST/ 2:00 PM PST

- Feel  new levels of self belief and self esteem.
- Feel confident about yourself
- Feel good and radiant  
- Increase self belief to  reach new, higher and bold goals  

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Monday, November 27th & Tuesday, November 28th
6:00 PM CST/7:00 PM EST/ 4:00 PM PST
-  Get a personalized message how much you are vibrating financially
- Release any unconscious programs on getting paid your worth
- Receive creative ideas to increase 3x your profit
- Release limiting beliefs about reaching your financial goals for this year + Integrate the positive faith and beliefs to attract it with ease

Special opportunity!

Get two private 35 minute clearing calls (Real value 1550 USD) for 777 USD (50% Off)  with Nicole Elissa, to work on your preferred goal : love, prosperity or self belief. 


Get Results Like This! 

Act Now!

The first seven women who join The Masterclass ( Individual or Full event) will receive a personalized , guided  & Intuitive message from your angels on how to manifest increase in the individual area of your choosing ( love, career or wellbeing)  or a combined message that includes all!

This bonus is available until Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST or when the first 7 women join ( whichever happens first) 

Time Sensitive Bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the  Faith, Faith, Faith Clearings  recorded? 

The clearing events are LIVE.  Once the clearing is done, it doesn't need to be done again. The effects are long lasting and it can take a couple of days and or weeks for you to feel the shift.  For that reason, the even't isn't recorded. 
The coaching & QA will be recorded and sent out to the participants within 5 days of the event. 

How long will it take to see results? 

 You can see results immediately or within the following weeks and the results are long lasting. 
Consistency is required when reprogramming the subconscious mind.

What Faith does Nicole Elissa practice? 

Nicole Elissa is Christian and works with clients from different faiths with the utmost respect, support and acceptance. 
This event is for women from all walks of faith. It will boost your confidence, manifesting power and attract miracles to your life.

I Am Nicole Elissa, Love & Femininity Coach 

Nicole Elissa is a Love and Femininity Coach  for Powerful, Successful Women who are ready to own their Feminine Power of Attraction (TM) at a soul level and attract the epic love they have always desired.  Nicole encourages her clients to not wait for magic to happen in their love lives and instead own that they are the magic! She will help you open up your channels of attraction and feel irresistible, like a catch, no matter what. 

She helps her clients through  Divine Feminine intuitive coaching and energy clearing , subconscious  & nervous system reprogramming and somatic therapy work to embody their own unique feminine frequency and attract soulmate love.  Nicole offers her services in English and Spanish.

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