Love Alignment starts with an open energy to love, giving, receiving and manifesting... Here are free EFT tapping videos I've created to support you with your Goddess consciousness and vibration.

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Videos To Attract Love and Feel Good In Your Feminine essence by Nicole Elissa, Intuitive Love Coach 

    Love Your Beauty - Tapping Sequence for Women

    Attract A Man  You Trust - Love EFT Tapping Sequence 

     EFT Tapping  Sequence to Open Up  Your Heart To Love 

    How To  Stop Feeling Lonely To Attract Love  ( EFT Tapping Sequence) 

    Attract an Emotionally Available Man - EFT Tapping Sequence for Women

    If you desire to work with me privately, my Goddess Of Love program (private feminine energy coaching program)  is the way to go.  Apply for a complimentary clarity call to explore working together.  Let your energy speak louder than words.

    We are currently enrolling for You Are The Prize ( Let your vibration speak louder than words) , set up an assessment call with me if you are serious : You Are The Prize Assessment Call ( Starting May 20th, 2022)