Miracle VLOG: Nutrition For A Higher Intuition!

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS January, mine was amazing: Quit my day job, went to an amazing retreat, concert, launched my Six Month Transformation Program, studied modules of the programs I’ve invested in, had fantastic Private Coaching One Day Intensives, did a juicing detox and planned lectures on Finding Peace and Being Fearless for the rest of the year!

In today’s VLOG, I share with you the reason why I decided to do the juicing detox, which I finished this week:) and I absolutely LOVED it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.23.31 AM

What you eat is in direct relation to having a peak state of mind. As a coach, this is crucial to provide the right insights and teachings to my clients and it’s also essential for anyone who desires to develop a higher intuition and manifest their desires at a higher speed. Have I mentioned how it just simply skyrockets your happiness levels ? because it does.

There are chemicals in the food we normally eat outside that lower our capability to manifest or vibrate at a higher frequency. They keep our mind and body in a foggy state. I am sure you have noticed that when you eat certain types of food, you suddenly feel lazy or drained, this is not just affecting your body but your train of thought process too.

If you are anything like me, you desire and know the importance of feeling good. Providing the right support for both, mind and body, allows YOU to:

  • Analyse situations with a clear perspective

  • Become the happiest person you know

  • Live in a state of EXPANSION and POSSIBILITIES

  • Look for the gold: find creative ways to solve a situation, instead of staying in a rut

  • Feel alive: Stay and enjoy the present moment

  • Live with radical faith: Be at ease

  • And many more!

“To Live Your Best Life And Leave Negative Patterns Behind, A System Must Be Put In Place To Cleanse Mind AND Body From Negativity” – Nicole Elissa

What can you start doing today to regain your power and live your best life? If you desire to successfully rewire your subconscious and create the necessary mindset shifts to heal all those limiting beliefs that have been ruling over you and truly start living a life you absolutely love. I have created my Six Month Coaching Program with YOU in mind!  
Why ? Because we are all equal and you don't deserve to stay trapped believing the lies you perceived were real when you were growing up and that are now effectively making you believe that you are meant to live a normal, uninspired life. 
The truth is: YOU have POWER! Success is a science that involves the right support, techniques and actions based on contrast from those limiting beliefs. That is what have carefully crafted for you in this program.  Regain your power, release all trace of victim - consciousness ruling over your life and projects. 
By watching the video you realised that I have a great BONUS for you with my Six Month Transformation Coaching Program , if you are a true go getter and realise that all change occurs in NOW.  

To release your negative beliefs from the past, if you feel aligned to develop core confidence to live your best life today, I am offering TWO additional EFT sessions to burst through those blocks, send out a new message to your subconscious that is in alignment with your new empowered self and skyrocket your success in 2015.  That makes it a total of Six EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions with me in the program.  A never seen offer from me before as a regular EFT session with me has the value of 250 USD. 
This offer is valid until this Friday, February 6, 2015. Don't miss out as this is especially designed to give you extra support to truly eliminate your BIGGEST fears.  Napoleon Hill On his best seller, Think and Grow Rich, stated that leaders make quick decisions. If this is you, sign up for the program today. 
If you have any additional questions about the program and desire to talk about your challenges and how we can work together, sign up for a Clarity Session today!

​Loads of LOVE,


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Are Escape Tactics Sabotaging You From Living Your Best Life?

Are You Always Daydreaming Of What Your Life Could Be Or Submerging Yourself In Fiction Because You Don’t Enjoy Where You Are Right Now In Life?

Maybe you are scared or burnt out of trying. You truly believe that love can do it all but for some reason it appears to work for everyone BUT you. Relationships and living your dream fills you with insecurity, doubt and fear.
Maybe you’ve noticed that there are situations from your past that you need to heal that keep showing up in your present life and you are avoiding them.

I’ve been there. Every single relationship in my life has been a call for love, expansion and release. I would notice that when I didn’t take a good look at the message that I was receiving from the universe that said: “HEAL THIS”, nothing would change and I would end up eventually reliving the same negative emotions with a new person.

I’ve cheated myself out of my life before thinking that my dream life would happen some day, out of nowhere. I am extremely grateful that I realized that in order for that to happen, I needed to hold myself accountable for my NOW. That meant, I had to be willing to be present, vulnerable and heal what no longer served me. Vulnerability means POWER and TRANSFORMATION. We can’t continue to live a half-life, avoiding our emotions and thinking everything is going to work out by art of magic.

This is a feeling based universe, every single one of our feelings are a specific frequency, if we choose to unconsciously vibrate a frequency of fear and resistance, we will continue to generate that in our lives, make no mistake about that.

If you feel it in your gut that you can’t go on with your life in this fearful state of mind, book a clarity session with me. This strategy session is for YOU, if you desire the right support, techniques and mindset to truly transform your life around this year.

This call is FREE of charge and exclusively for beautiful souls who are ready to make their transformation non-negotiable. People who are committed to live out their BEST life and make NO excuses.

If this is you, schedule your clarity session with me at : www.nicoleelissa.com/clarity-call

I have a special form and BONUS for you available when you sign up to see just how committed you are 😉

Are You Ready To Really Live Your Life with Power And Love For What You Are Really Here To Express In This Lifetime?


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2015 – Two Weeks In: Quit My Job and a Five-Figure Investment For YOU!

1st Week Of 2015: I Quit My Job.

2nd Week Of 2015: I Made A Five Figure Investment In Coaching Mastery.

It’s Nicole here, wishing you the absolute BEST in this AMAZING new year! Today, let’s talk about CHANGE and what it actually requires to be fully present and engaged in maximizing life.

These two weeks have been host for the two biggest stretches I’ve done in my WHOLE life and I couldn’t be happier/excited. If you have been following my story for these past months, you know that I am profoundly grateful for my day job as it was a manifestation of love from the universe when my dad passed away, ensuring that I felt safe and cared for. I met amazing individuals along this path and it was part of the process of becoming who I am TODAY.

Which takes me to the decision that I made the 1st of January as I felt and kept getting signs from the universe that I was ready to let it go and fully step up as an agent of Change, Love and Transformation. Hello, most of my clients told me they were ready to quit their jobs and I lead by example not by words!
It was bittersweet, I was in tears after I gave out the notification but I feel FREE  and ready to fully give my energy to my mission in this lifetime.On week two, I got in to The Divine Living Master Coach Certification Program, a five figure investment to fully cement the reality that I am here to serve YOU to my highest capability. This program excites me SO much! It is designed for me to provide you with: profound results, hone and deepen my own skills and acquire a new set of skills and tools to ensure there is radical positive change and you are fully transformed. I also get to travel the world, one of my BIGGEST desires!This is what change is all about, it requires you to be fully present and aware of signals the universe is constantly throwing at you and taking ACTION on the spot. The universe is hardwired to bring you HAPPINESS, CONNECTION and PURPOSE. To maximize life, you must see yourself as a key contributor in life. Your presence is needed.  How many people we see  just going with the flow and playing by the rules of a fear based world. Is this you? I used to be there and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all.  I felt and looked drained and lost. My connection to source was weak but I knew deep down that there was something more out there.
If we are a host to fear, we are not in peak state of mind to fully function from a place of love to go after the desires that are so beautifully crafted in US.

In 2015, do you choose to be a host to your fears or a host to LOVE?

I invite you to take action today. What will happen three months from now if you choose to remain hostage to your fears? The moment for change and love is always NOW. As all miracles occur in the present moment.

If you are ready for a fearless life, I am launching my SIX MONTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM. In this program I will be sharing my own personal techniques crafted to experience a higher connection on a daily basis, as you constantly show up with a perception of love and an unshakable core confidence on your purpose, how you show up for life and what you can create in it with IMPACT.

Say yes to YOU on 2015! Become an agent of Change, Love and Transformation along with me and never go back! Set up a Complimentary Clarity Call with me so we can talk how to get you there in record time!

PS. As I enter the realm of infinite possibilities, I am SUPER EXCITED to share this journey with you and have you join me so for the first three individuals who enroll in the Six Month Transformation Program through a Complimentary Clarity Call will receive a 500 USD Discount off their one time payment. The deadline for this offer will be Friday, January 16, 2015 as I firmly believe we are fully responsible and supported in up leveling our lives/ Identifying with our higher self.

Loads of Love,

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Miracle VLOG: How to Transform Your Life Through The Eyes of Love


I am delighted to write this blog today, I am desiring a lot of fire and a stream of inspiring ideas to every one who is decided to transform their life this year! Six days have passed and so MUCH has happened, I can’t wait to share all of it with you. So many exciting news!

As a teaser to my workshop launching on January 24 that I am VERY excited to share with everyone,  I  want to share a VLOG on How To Transform Your Life Through the Eyes Of Love.  In the video I share some key ideas on how to start this process and maintain the desired change.

If you are feeling drained, lost, consumed by patterns that are destructive and  can’t seem to transform it, this video is for YOU!

I am recording several videos to provide insight on how to transform your life and become confident in your own skin to go for what you want, SUBSCRIBE HERE and join me in this wonderful LOVERevolution. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.09.29 AM

 Watch video HERE

As always, I hope you find this video useful and comment below any insights or ways in which you will start applying this today.

Loads of LOVE!

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Let go of your fears and show up for LOVE like you never have before!

A guide on how to love yourself fully and release all blame.

PicsArt_1413756331917All my life I grew up with the belief that love was recognition, validation and approval of who I was by others.  This started with my parents. I felt like I was to blame for a lot of situations since I was very little. Key words: I felt.

It had a huge impact on my view on love while I was growing up. Looking at everything that has happened in my life, I’ve come to realize how every encounter has been a call for love, as Marianne Williamson says.

I’ve grown from a place of not taking care of myself, projecting neediness unto others because surely they were responsible for my happiness. Being in a relationship would solve the validation and love I felt I was lacking since I was a little girl.

I am really grateful for parents and everything they’ve taught me and I know how much they love me.  I just perceived certain situations as a kid that magnified the idea that love was outside of me.

Thinking like this only led me to repeat the same story over and over again, creating a pattern that increased exponentially when my dad passed away suddenly.

Since then, the universe’s love has been so amazing that it has helped me become extremely self-aware on how to heal my relationship with myself.  Allowing me to stop co creating based on known and hidden fears, release the urge to control others and simply show up for love in ways that I never thought were possible before.

I am grateful this journey that started by being allowing twists and turns, laughing and enjoying my way through it all, because we are always guided to our highest purpose.

Today, I decide to share how I did it and continue to do so, I hope this helps you get there too:

  1. Be open to be vulnerable: Looking within can be scary, terrifying even for some and that is completely understandable but we must be willing to look at our ego and see how it is trying to trick us to believe that we are not good enough or better vice-versa. Our ego is based on fear. Analyze if what we have been co creating up until this point in our lives comes from fear.  If it is, we must understand that if we do not make the decision to move on from this stage, we must take ownership of what will continue to show up in our life.  So I say, looking within can be scary but ultimately, it will save us.


  1. Eliminate all judgment: In a few words, what we resist, persists. It is so easy for our ego to blame others and especially ourselves for everything that we have seen unfold so far that supports the idea that we are not good enough or on the contrary, better than others to fulfill a certain dream. When in reality, we are all reflections of each other. Become an observer, release attack thoughts. Let’s be in the energy that says we are ready for a more expansive experience that supports us and not an energy that indicates the contrary.

  1. Forgive and let go: Forgive who hurt us and forgive ourselves for not recognizing our value up until this point. Forgiveness is a call to raise our frequency to love and take responsibility for what is coming next. If we are not forgiving, there is a good chance that we are still holding judgment and as I stated above: what we resist, persists. We don’t want that. Letting go means that we cannot change outside forces. It means that we are responsible for our own happiness. We are releasing everyone to be who they are meant to be and not trying to force them to feed our needs.

  1. True love is an inside job: Releasing judgment, allows us to go from victim to hero in seconds.  We realize that is truly up to us how we show up in the world. It allows us to come from a place of compassion for others and for ourselves. This allows us to be truly authentic and never place our value on somebody else’s hands. Move from a mindset of giving rather than having. Be the love that you want to experience.

How? Practicing self-care, be more understanding of our needs and desires, nurture our inner child with new positive and empowering thoughts that are aligned with our highest truth and have fun during the process!

Incorporate these points to your life and get ready for major positive shifts.  We’ll break free from old patterns and start creating from a place of love.

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The best decision I made this year

One of the biggest decisions I made this year to be true to my journey was to fully discover my natural hair. I suffered for several years wanting to do this and I can finally say the struggle is over. I was overcome with sadness because I didn’t have natural long sleek hair. Everywhere I went people would make snide comments about my hair type, all of that leaving me feeling inadequate, feeling as if I didn’t belong or if something was wrong with me.

I’d always wonder why my hair would be described as bad while others was considered good. Deep down I knew all of this was crap. We are all made divine in our own truth so I knew it was up to me to be fully present and loving towards myself by acknowledging that I would never hone my true beauty if I continued to be scared what society thought of me.  Continue reading “The best decision I made this year”

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Decide how your presence is shown to the world!

Has it ever felt like you are invisible or that you are not heard? notice if this tends to happen with certain people in your life.  Some may not know this but the people in our life are a reflection or a mirror of the thoughts that we have of ourselves and the world.  So next time someone irks or torments you, ask yourself what can you learn from the situation and remain in peace.

I say this because it is truly up to us how our presence is shown to the world, we have to take notice of the hidden words that we have in our subconscious mind about the way we see ourselves that are limiting  in every single way and are showing up in our lives by those who surround us  and create the needed shift so our presence is broadcasted to a higher level of existence.

Like Gabrielle Bernstein says, your presence is your power. You are a truly unique human being who deserves to be treated with love, respect, honor and gratitude.  See yourself with loving eyes, practice self care, work on yourself first to be of greater service to your loved ones.  The universe expands when you treat yourself with love and understanding. We will all benefit from it.

So today, my invitation is to notice how do certain people’s words or actions affect you or make you feel. If they are in any way negative, analyse the feeling and ask yourself:

1. Is it true?

2. Where did I get this idea?

3. Let it go

4. Thank the person for providing awareness and go on with your life.


Loads of Love, Gratitude and Abundance to all!

– Nicole

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Break Pattterns!

Today has been my happiest day of the week so far because I dedicated it full to coaching, preparing material, had two wonderful sessions with amazing results and I am really pumped for the weekend because I am hosting the best “Think and Grow Rich” Seminar with the team at CEB Panamá // Club de Éxito y Bienestar! How cool is that?!

Can you see what is going on here? I am putting dedicated energy to the things that matter to me on an emotional level. I decide to invest my time and energy on what makes me come alive.

What I’ve noticed so far is that most of the time, people don’t even realize where their energy is at on a daily basis. They go with momentum, their energy is focused on whatever shows up in front of them that day and then they have no clue where the week, month or year go. I used to be like this, it wasn’t fun. In fact when people would ask me how I was, most of the time my answer was “bored” because I didn’t know where to focus my energy. I would browse the web all. day. long.

If you are in a situation like this and you’ve made the awesome decision to step up to the life you deserve, it’s time to break the pattern! Create the time, space and ways to do what you love.

Here are a few of tips I have, that helped me focus fully on achieving my desires and eliminating procrastination:

1. Get clear on your purpose. If you are not clear, all situations in your life will be a reflection of that. Write down a statement of what your purpose is and read it everyday with excitement!

2. Learn to say NO. Now that you have clarity on your purpose and on what you want out of life, start showing up to the situations that are in alignment with that and stop showing up for the things that aren’t.

3. Visualization. See yourself living out the life of your dreams as often as you can, give it DETAIL and feel good while you do it.

I want to know what are your ways to be fully focused on going after what you want! What is the best way for you to visualize your dreams? Let me know in the comments below!

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Joy, laughter, love

I am happy
to say that a lot of things are changing in my life for the better and I am so grateful for that. There is joy, laughter, love, a shift of perception and clarity of purpose. I am thrilled to see how the lives of those around me are changing as well and it’s a great pleasure to be able to witness and share these moments with them.

In the midst of all this change, the two things that I consider have been extremely fundamental to manifest these changes and the life you DESIRE to have are to :

1. Have a clear picture of what it is that you want . Take the time to sit down and visualize with perfect clarity what you would like to experience and how that experience feels to you. Dig deep, be specific and get EXCITED! There is unlimited power when you invest time and energy on yourself. Don’t let your days go by without having clarity on what you want to achieve and receive out of life!

2. Make the decision to start experiencing those feelings and desires NOW! Don’t make excuses for yourself, either you want something badly enough, or you are not ready. However small you need to start, just do it. Become available to that dream, to that purpose. The how is irrelevant. Once you make the decision to fulfill that dream, when you focus on the feeling that this dream gives to you, believe me, you’ll get so excited and pumped up that the how will appear. Just make the decision, be unapologetic about it, because you truly deserve to live out your dreams.

It is all about clarity and making a decision. You’ll be amazed by the results

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What’s stopping you?


PicsArt_1414373421406Ask yourself, what is stopping you from being authentic and true to your calling? We are all meant to live out our most DESIRED dreams.  Give yourself the gift to take a moment, breathe in and ask: Is it me? Am I too afraid of what others might think of my dream? Am I overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start?

The moment is now. Fear is just excitement with the breaks on. Go ahead and unleash your AWESOME! the world needs more people who are alive and full with passion for what they do and believe in.
Dare to be great, take action towards your dreams because you deserve it! Get excited about what you have to offer and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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