3 Ways To Conquer Self-Doubt & Start Feeling Flawless

I am feeling triggered Today and I want to share with you how I over come self doubt when it shows it's ugly head:

I used to be very self conscious years ago. I was afraid of criticism and afraid of approval. After years of self work and shifting my mindset around this, I can tell you that those days are gone. It's not that we never experience self doubt, it's that we know how to bounce back quicker, instead of spending days, weeks, months or years in self doubt, you get over it even in the span of hours.

Whenever you're entering new territory, your mind will try to keep you safe, telling you at times a bunch of lies that only make you feel bad in the effort to keep you stuck. You have to know that.

As women we have to connect with our bodies, emotions and heart to really know what's the truth to really succeed in life.

So here is what I do:

1. I recognise there is an amazing opportunity in self doubt. It is AMAZING to really clear the fear away. ( I do EFT Tapping or any other energy releasing technique that is the best suited for the situation). This helps me release the negative energy in my field and it helps me clear the path to higher self love, higher love & abundance manifested in my life in general.

The lesson is: if it is still there, it is blocking new opportunities from coming to your life.

2. I fill myself with love: It is a excellent opportunity to start declaring some new affirmations in my life that DO support me. I look at myself in the mirror and I start telling myself how amazing I am. You get what you focus on, remember this. If you stay focused in judging or doubting yourself, it will be reflected with the people and situations around you.

Here is how I am filling myself up with love as I write this:

3. It's an opportunity to celebrate diversity. When we are experiencing self doubt, a funny trick the ego tries is to make us feel better or worse than other people. None of these work. 

Here is the catch, you have to be madly and truly in love with yourself. Love your strengths and "weaknesses". You are unique, there is no one else like you. So notice the pattern, do you celebrate people? If there is anything you truly desire to improve , let love be your guide to do so. Not fear.  You'll notice the difference if you feel expanded (love) or if you feel contracted (Fear).  

A really neat exercise I do is that if I see something I love from somebody else , I also claim it for myself too: "She's gorgeous. So Am I.", "She has such a unique style and I do too", "She has achieved so much, and so have I".

We are all expressions of love in different and beautiful ways.

Treat everyone as a loving equal, it really creates a beautiful ripple effect in your life.

Everyone wins.

PS. If you want to know more about how to find your voice, feel confident in your own skin and become the woman you're capable of becoming, check out my "Find Your Voice In The World" intensive details here.

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A Special Weekend To Connect With Your Joy & Radiance

I've been thinking about you and what would be of the highest service to you and your happiness. It is essential for every woman to connect with their feminine radiance, intuition and joy.

I've done market research for a very special summit I am planning to empower women and help them to open up to love, to greater joy and connection and from what i've discovered most women are feeling exhausted, they are using too much masculine energy.

Are you extending too much masculine energy?

The women I've interviewed are trapped in work for more than eight hours a day, they don't have time to play and have fun, give back to themselves and they don't have time for love.

Most women I interviewed desire to focus on themselves, really fill their life with love. There is a big disconnect from where they are to where they want to be. There is a void that needs to be filled and the work is internal.

Part of the reason there is this disconnect is because, as women we have built a wall around us to protect us from getting hurt or facing failure, what we don't realize is that this wall is blocking out everything good that can come in, as well.

It is my intention to help you remove that wall, shield, armour you've built around you and allow you to reconnect with your joy, your radiance, happiness and love.

A radical and total shift is waiting for you if are ready to open up and allow yourself to receive love and joy.

There is a feminine way for you to manifest joy, alignment, peace and happiness without over extending your energy or efforts or being too masculine.

What is possible for you if you decide to work on removing this wall?

Quite easily: more joy, a deeper sense of who you are, guidance to follow through, own your femininity, new job opportunities, new business opportunities, more money, more love, dates, partners and most importantly... a deep sense of worthiness.

A sense of who you are, how valuable you are and not only is it going to help you to create wholesome relationships, it will help you feel confident in your own skin.

I remember feeling disconnected and it was no fun. I was constantly having breakouts, bing eating panic attacks and I felt hollow on the inside. Connecting with my desires and joy was the best decision I could ever make.If this is an absolute YES from you, I have decided to do something radical and allow you to open up to all of this an more in just the span of a weekend.

It's possible to do this in the span of a weekend, believe me.

I've created the space for four women who are 100% ready to commit to their joy and give back to themselves with "Your Big Leap Of Joy" Weekend Immersion program.

Take advantage of the opportunity here.
We will work on removing the blocks and old limiting beliefs around your happiness, open up to receive even more love, money and how to follow through with your real desires.

If you are ready to do the healing and open up to a greater sense of peace and alignment, this is for you.

I am offering this program to only four women for an unprecedented investment or value exchange, as I only work with a selected group of women at the time and I desire to reward women who take fast action and give to themselves.I won't be offering this opportunity probably until next year, my programs for the rest of the year are shifting, as we speak.

So, if you are ready to give to yourself, I've opened up a few spaces to have a quick chat with me to find out this is the right program for you.

Ps. I can't wait to share with you, over the phone the bonus goodies (Over 400 USD worth of them) that come in this program.

A weekend just for you could be the gift your body, spirit and mind has been asking for quite a while.

The higher you allow yourself to connect with joy, the better life gets. Can't wait to see what is in store for you. You deserve to be thriving and living in bliss, schedule your appointment here.

To an extraordinary life ,


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New Article: The Two Main Elements For Connectedness, Growth & A Life Full Of Love

Today, I’ve decided to talk to you about the two main elements  to connectedness and growth. Being fully happy, thriving, honouring and knowing who you are as a woman. 

The keys are self responsibility and vulnerability.

Being accountable with your actions, thoughts, emotions towards your own personal version of success & being open, raw, vulnerable and ready for the next stepthat will add more love to your life.

If you are desiring to have beautiful, empowering, raw, vulnerable and open relationships… what are you doing to get there?

If you are ready to find yourself and build a powerful foundation in who you are to create a life you are madly in love with, what are you doing to get there?

Both scenarios require for you to be open to growth, be responsible with your action steps and vulnerable enough to face the outcome.

I want to share something with you that I’ve spoken about in several conversations I’ve had this week with the ladies who signed up  to have a powerful conversation with me.

If you aren’t willing to be vulnerable with yourself, really acknowledge and honor your feelings about a situation, you are only pushing love away.

By love, I mean: feeling connected with yourself, trusting yourself and decisions, falling madly in love with yourself and calling in  that special partner, if you desire to do so.

The key denominator of the ladies who contacted me this week was:  their  desire for more.
More love, more passion, more connectedness with who they are.

Are you willing to do the work?
Are you willing to be vulnerable, move, grow and expand?
Are you willing to challenge your current views on the situation and completely transform your results?
Are you willing to go for your best life?

If you are, then what are you going to do about it?

If you are unclear about your next step, I can help you find the right answer within yourself and map out a plan so you are successful.

I invite you to have a powerful conversation with me for 90 minutes on your next step to transform your life through love so you can have your biggest breakthrough of 2015.

There are only a few spots left. Take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s see how much your life can change in 90 minutes (Select the time slot that works for you here).

Call is free of cost and only for the brave women who are ready to take action!

P.S. Select the time that works best for you here . Come with an open mind and a readiness for love. Select your personal training with me here.

Loads of love,


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Find Your Freedom In Love

Today , I want to personally share with you the groundbreaking discovery I had that transformed the relationships in my life. It is how I went from only being part of unhealthy relationships to calling in relationships that resonated with me, allowed me to be myself and feel extremely loved in the process.

“I’ll love you if..”
“You are okay in my book if you do this… !”
“You’ll get what you want, if you first do this…. ”
“You’ll never succeed in life, if you don’t follow my advice”
“I am always right, you are  always wrong”

Do any of these  sound familiar to you?  Feels pretty icky, if you ask me.

Let me ask you something, in your relationships are you constantly giving and not receiving anything in return or you never get the recognition you deserve?

It’s normal to try to hold on to these relationships, even if you are needs aren’t met because we believe it is the only type of relationship that is available to us, so that is why in today’s article I’ve decided to share how we can move away from conditioned love, to a love that gives  freedom, joy and happiness.

It is ABSOLUTELY possible for you, too. If you allow yourself to believe it and live it. I explain how here.

Love gives you freedom of choice. Freedom to be who you really are, it sets you free.

“Love Liberates You”

Dr. Maya Angelou

This is a concept that was SO foreign to me growing up and it keeps growing and integrating itself to my DNA. It really liberates you. Love isn’t controlling or manipulative. You shouldn’t feel captive or like a completely different person when you are in a relationship. This goes beyond romantic relationships. The best relationships are the ones who see you for who you are and cherish you for it.

Here it goes, the main reason you feel that you will loose your freedom if you fall in love or that you can’t be yourself with those you love is because there is something inside of you that really believes that.  There was a moment or several when you were growing up that you felt that love  was manipulative or controlling. It could be that you saw your mother lose yourself in her relationship, do everything for the family and not even receive a “thank you” for her efforts, it could also be that you thought love represented sacrifice because your family wasn’t happy or your parents would offer you “prizes” if you performed better at school.

Small instances  that you could be saying, Nicole, really? You are going there? YES, I am going there.

See, the thing is that it isn’t about what happened but what your mind, as a child, perceived.  Your parents could have had in mind to teach you something beautiful but if you felt that you couldn’t be yourself, that created a blueprint that continues to manifest in your life until you do something about it.

I’ve stressed this throughout my articles, videos and audios: everything is energy. Feelings are REALLY powerful, especially when you were growing up. We all felt things pretty intensively when we were small.  If you grew up and  didn’t heal these perceptions , you will repeat it throughout different relationships until you reclaim your truth. The  truth is that love IS freedom.

Perhaps you’ve even had relationships when you have attached too soon or you have  been the manipulator. Trying to control how others feel about you. It can become an awful cycle that affects you and your significant other.

If you desire to stop creating relationships like this, both in the romantic plane and with those you care about the most, I invite you to reclaim your worth and power.

The core belief in relationships that are unhealthy is : I am not loveable enough.

Which then brings out the question: What can I do to prove how loveable I am?

Practice waking up every morning saying “I am loveable exactly as I am” , repeat it as many times as you need to. Why? Because you are loveable! You don’t need to change for anyone else. When you accept this truth for yourself, you begin to accept it for others.  Your relationships no longer have a feeling of control or manipulation. You let others be and others let YOU be, as  well. I repeated this mantra for a month, every single day, every few hours so I could really start to grasp the concept.

Don’t hold the space for conditioned love in your heart, body or energy field. Only welcome freedom in love.

When you make it non negotiable, your life and relationships do a 360º transformation full of love.

P.S. Are you ready to reclaim your worth and call in relationships that give you freedom? Let’s map out a plan specifically made for you in a free hour session to talk about your past relationships, how you desire to feel in your future ones and how we can work together, if we are a right fit.

Loads of love,




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Love Liberates You!

I just saw the most amazing video by Dr. Maya Angelous on this exact title, love liberates. It sedimented what I’ve always known, manifesting love is not just about receiving, it has to do with how much love you are giving, as well.

My best advice for you today is to give love, as much as you can AND expect to receive it back.  Why? Because YOU are love and there is no shortage of love in this universe if we decide  it is available for us.

Let the universe guide and show you where you will receive it from. Just focus on giving love and knowing you are worth of receiving this love straight back at you.

Love is not a destination but the journey. Love for you who are, for your loved ones and to call that special partner you’ve always wanted.

So fill yourself up with love on a daily basis, treat yourself wit love and everyone who surrounds you. Give it your all because life is a reflection of how we deal with the little things and the big things. The more love you add to everything you do, the more you will receive it too.

Remember, love is yours. You are worth ALL the love that is open and ready for you.

If you are 100% for love, I invite you to first heal your old perceptions around love so you can shift them around, below you’ll find gifts to do so.

First Gift:

Put a spotlight on your beliefs around love & start working on changing them:

 Download Worksheet here.  (Right Click + Save As) 

Second Gift:

Listen to this training to start healing these love beliefs.
Old thoughts & emotions must be healed to move forward in life or else we will repeat them. 

Click here to receive training in your email. 


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How Do You Define Real Life? Video Inside!

Hi Beautiful,

I spent the entire weekend in paradise. I went to a beach retreat with some very big questions and received some very big answers that I wanted to share with you.

Do you know what you want out of life? I hear a lot of people whenever they are in vacations say: “Wish I didn’t have to go back to real life”. What is real life? going back to a life you don’t really enjoy or are connected with?

Have you ever allowed your responsibilities to drown the voice of your desires? it happened to me. It causes us to be very disconnected with life because there is no sense of joy, happiness and adventure.

We have created a system that allows us to feel complacent with our lives but not necessarily loving it to the MAX.  For some women, it works and for some it, doesn’t.

Today, I choose to let you know that it is okay to want more out of life. This entire universe was built to expand and never contract. So, if you are not conforming to dating someone who doesn’t bring out the best in you or work for a company that you don’t connect with, that is fine.

Let go of the guilt. You were made to want more. You were made to call in the BEST love out there possible for you and to do what you love.

In This Week’s video, I share how to change your definition of real life and create a positive, uplifting and vibrant life:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.44.49 AM

Watch Here
You are made out of love and you expand through love.

Loads of Love,


P.S. My program to help women find and reconnect with themselves is launching next week and I couldn’t be happier. This one has been a work of five months and it’s going to be amazing.  Be on the lookout for it! <3

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New Article: Invite Newness To Your Life Today!

Hi Gorgeous!

I want to share with you my excitement, joy, nervousness and out of this world energy. All of it. I am in a play! I can’t believe it.  A friend of mine is directing a play and as we were speaking, I mentioned to him how I loved organizing and acting in plays during high school and he invited me to act in one and omg, it’s happening.

It’s one thing to say that I used to love it in high school and actually participate in a professional play + it’s been YEARS. Anyways, every day I am taken outside of my comfort zone and it is glorious, want to know why? It is creating the space and energy for me to expand emotionally and spiritually, as well. Who would have thought.

Every day I  am connecting to new parts of me  and I am discovering so much about my train of thought. I get the feeling that this experience is taking me to places that will only benefit me enormously from now till forever.

Newness brings so much change, love and light to your life. Don’t let every day life take that away from you.

Do something different every day, you’ll be surprised at the amount of magic you can create by applying this.

If you are feeling a little bit lost or bored by your lifestyle, spike things up a little or A LOT. Only you get to change how you feel about your life.

If you’ve ever been waiting for a sign to do something new or exciting but were a little resistant to do it because your area of comfort is seriously appealing right now, this is it. If anything, let your area of comfort expand to new experiences, don’t you think? #FoodForThought

Hope this inspires you to do something beautiful for your life today!

P.S.  The InnerDetox Intensive Coaching Program to finding yourself and create lasting love & professional success is almost full. I only have one spot open. There are no current plans to open this intensive for the rest of the year. Super excited to work Today with women who make their personal freedom non negotiable.
If you are interested for that last spot, sign up at http://www.nicoleelissa.com/clarity-call

Wishing you the best now and always,


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#SelfLoveMonday – Finding Your Own Voice

Last week was really exciting and transformational. It really got me thinking on what I love doing, clarity, the true change my  clients are experiencing and my favourite coaching topics.  Any Guesses on my favourite topics? I am supper excited about YOU feeling good about your self worth and net worth.  

I am VERY excited to announce this: from now on, I will focus mainly on this area.  It’s the one area that truly gets me going  AND super pumped.  On Self Love Monday’s I’ll share:

  • Transformational Articles, videos, programs, trainings on Self Love, Confidence, Self Worth & Net Worth.

With that said,  let’s talk today about finding your own voice.

There are many moments in life were we find ourselves looking for outside validation of our decisions, thoughts and desires.  Do you ever find yourself modifying your desires based on the opinions of others, family, loved ones, coworkers, etc.? 
Do you desire to recreate that person’s life or do you want to do things on your own terms?

I find that the main reason why we share these desires with our loved ones is because we desire support, to feel safe while we are embarking a on a new road.  This is totally normal, we ALL desire to be supported, loved and cared for.

My mentor, in one of her trainings, said: A man’s greatest desire is to have his thoughts respected and a woman’s greatest desire is to have her feelings respected. 

This heavily resonated with me. What happens when we feel disrespected in this area? either we let it slide, shut down, stop sharing, become cautious or if we are not conscious about it, we start to slowly modify our desire to fit someone else’s idea of GREAT. 

Loving yourself has a lot to do with honouring your ideas and desires.  My easiest and most effective technique to honor your voice is to associate your desire with the underlying core feeling that this desire will bring to you. When you are clear on the feeling,  you will have unwavering faith to manifest it. The how could change but the goal won’t.

It also pays off to have a  group that has similar goals and supports you fully.  There is no need to invest your energy explaining your desires to people who emotionally bring you down.

Bottom line: Own your YES, don’t mind the rest.

PS. If you desire to receive the right mentorship and support to fully reclaim your self worth personally and professionally, reply to this e-mail to see if we are a right fit to work together.  I  only have four spots left for my Six Month Transformation Coaching Program!


Loads of Love,



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Let’s Talk Birthdays & Why They Are So Powerful!

Happy Birthday To Moi! 

My birthday was this tuesday, February 24 and I remember how on Monday I declared that it would be my birthday week and I stand by it as I am going out tonight to finish the celebration!  Why? Birthdays are awesome, period.

Birthdays are:

  • A complete reflection of the transformation we go by every single year. If you don’t think you’ve changed, check again. Look at your surroundings, your train of thought process, your hobbies and desires.  Some things remain the same, while others change. We grow, and we have to celebrate that. We are expanding beings by nature.
  • A personal reminder that we have been blessed with another year to do our best, to shine, to blossom. 
  • A perfect opportunity to be grateful and bless all that we have and what we have been able to accomplish.
  • A perfect opportunity to use this energy of excitement and happiness to visualize all that you want to manifest for the present year. This energy is powerful, we are close to the frequency of love and that aids in manifesting our desires at a quicker pace.
  • Bottom line, you are your very first soulmate. Honor who you are, honor your journey.  If you don’t celebrate yourself, who else will? in order to manifest more loving relationships in our life, we have to start with celebrating and add value to the relationship we have with ourselves.

Food for thought. Let’s honor and value our journey.

Loads of love,


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Inspired Action Vs. Conditioned Action

Who Is Excited For Today’s FEARLESS Training? I am! 

Today, I want to talk about what it means to recognise your own voice and when to take inspired action.


It’s easy to stay a hostage of fear when we only operate based on what other people, society or our family believe is right for us. Even though they mean well, most of the time what we learn is based on fear.  Have you ever heard the saying that indicates that we end up replicating what we believe and see growing up? I remember it clearly and it was terrifying for me, to say the least.  Looking back, I see that it was fuel to get to where I am today.

Each and every single one of us is born with beautiful ideas, made out of love, to create in our life and that is why we can’t allow ourselves to rob the world out of these ideas because we are scared, we don’t believe they will work or will be accepted because they are what we are used to.  It is key to treat these ideas with tenderness, care and love. We must find ways to allow them to grow and protect our energy to ensure they do come true.  It’s funny, at the end of the day, when these ideas come to fruition, everyone will be benefited. Included the ones who weren’t supporting you at the beginning.

it’s time we start thinking if what we are co-creating in our life is based on someone else’s voice or if it is our own. Release and forgive the ideas that were holding you backand start reinforcing the new bold ideas that support YOUR vision.

To take inspired action, we must always focus on our WHY.  Always forgive old and limiting ideas and focus on the new, positive and bold.

When do you take inspired action? when you feel supported in this new belief. when you have set up the structures to ensure you feel safe, happy and free.

Disassociate with the belief that we are in a universe that doesn’t support us. It is our birthright to be supported, loved and cared for with our ideas. Listen to your internal voice, it is the universe speaking through you about his own nature: expansion, love and possibilities.

it’s our call to demonstrate this truth. Don’t be afraid. The universe has your back!

In Today’s training, I’ll expand more on how to become fearless and take action based on your own voice  in today’s world and how to feel supported in the process.

Sign up and say yes to your voice today! 

“The Four Steps To Become Fearless And Create A Life You Love”
FREE Live Training

Thursday, February 19th, 2015
Sign Up Here: 

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