Break Pattterns!

Today has been my happiest day of the week so far because I dedicated it full to coaching, preparing material, had two wonderful sessions with amazing results and I am really pumped for the weekend because I am hosting the best “Think and Grow Rich” Seminar with the team at CEB Panamá // Club de Éxito y Bienestar! How cool is that?!

Can you see what is going on here? I am putting dedicated energy to the things that matter to me on an emotional level. I decide to invest my time and energy on what makes me come alive.

What I’ve noticed so far is that most of the time, people don’t even realize where their energy is at on a daily basis. They go with momentum, their energy is focused on whatever shows up in front of them that day and then they have no clue where the week, month or year go. I used to be like this, it wasn’t fun. In fact when people would ask me how I was, most of the time my answer was “bored” because I didn’t know where to focus my energy. I would browse the web all. day. long.

If you are in a situation like this and you’ve made the awesome decision to step up to the life you deserve, it’s time to break the pattern! Create the time, space and ways to do what you love.

Here are a few of tips I have, that helped me focus fully on achieving my desires and eliminating procrastination:

1. Get clear on your purpose. If you are not clear, all situations in your life will be a reflection of that. Write down a statement of what your purpose is and read it everyday with excitement!

2. Learn to say NO. Now that you have clarity on your purpose and on what you want out of life, start showing up to the situations that are in alignment with that and stop showing up for the things that aren’t.

3. Visualization. See yourself living out the life of your dreams as often as you can, give it DETAIL and feel good while you do it.

I want to know what are your ways to be fully focused on going after what you want! What is the best way for you to visualize your dreams? Let me know in the comments below!

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