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Feminine energy is irresistible, magnetic and confident.  

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When you devote yourself to feeling good, aligning your love vibration and master your intuition, you attract real love. 


I am a believer, student and teacher of Love.

I work with driven women who are ready to commit to love, finding themselves, discovering their radiance, feeling confident in their own skin to create their most ideal love life. 

In other words, I guide women who are ready to connect with their feminine radiance, open up their hearts to love and transform their life from the inside out. 

I believe love is our compass for an extraordinary life. 

To manifest an amazing partner, you must focus on aligning your radiance: opening the feminine channels of attraction within your energy, heart and soul that  make you magnetic and irresistible.

When you love yourself from the inside out  and your energy says that, you raise your energetic boundaries to one of a Goddess, you attract a partner that will cherish and love you, like you deserve.

Throughout our lives, we have formed blocks to love because we have been hurt and those blocks are keeping love away and only reinforcing old beliefs that are not helping you in your journey. When you commit to love, you are ready to let all of those old beliefs go.  Old beliefs like: love is controlling, manipulative, etc. All of them are not true. 

Real love gives you FREEDOM. 

Freedom to be your best self, Freedom to live your best life, Freedom to love and be loved like you've never experienced before. It takes the commitment to experience love and release fear, once and for all.

Opening your heart to love is the key to a joyful heart and joyful life. 


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Growing up, I knew i was a fan of love. I fantasised and fell in love with so many different tv couples. A true Pisces, always desiring love and wanting to love on everybody. With a Scorpio rising, on the other hand, I kept experiencing hurt, loss and betrayal. 

I grew up being told my dad didn’t love me and even though he was right next to me, I could never ask him if that was true or not. Every action he made, I was measuring to see if he would leave me and confirm that what was told to me was true. 

There were a lot of fights growing up at home and one day I was told that if I didn’t change the patterns that i saw growing up, I would end up repeating them. It was a bucket of the coldest water that made me decide and put discipline into learning and embodying love.

I didn’t feel comfortable in my feminine energy because I didn’t feel comfortable and used to  being seen. I was seen as a tomboy, never the one that guys fantasied about .  I was even given references that men wouldn’t want me once they saw my natural hair.  

I saw   how the women in my family worked and worked, gave and nurtured but weren’t treated right or valued by the men in the family. 

I knew that this would change with me.  I LOVE LOVE and I knew the important of not scoffing away love or losing hope in it because in my deepest essence I knew that we are all love and that it is important to never lose hope and trust in that. 

So I devoted myself in mastering TWO things:  Having an open energy to love AND helping women be treated like that goddesses that we are. 

As women, it is our birthright to have a fun and magnetic lifestyle, where we are seen, cherished and adored for who we are.

I changed my life around by embodying  The Goddess Vibration and ensuring that my energy is open to being loved and seen for who I am.

I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world find their true soulmate, raise their standards, attract higher in love and receive / hold more as a Goddess.

Love is my strongest calling in this lifetime and I would love to help you have it ALL.

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Lesson here? It's all about BELIEVING IN YOUR LOVE VIBRATION.  

        Love expands you.

It teaches you how to grow and how to love unconditionally.  It teaches you how to feel whole and at peace, how to love others and have more compassion and how to follow your bliss. 


Love is truly ALL you need to transform your life around.  To embrace love fully, you must be willing to be vulnerable, open, ready to grow and part with fear.  

The behaviour and patterns of a woman who embraces fear are 360º away from one who embraces love.

I've studied and applied the Law Of Attraction and how to reach higher levels of consciousness to move from "victim" to "co-creator" and above since 2011.

I've been part of clubs regarding the Law Of Attraction, Wellness and Success since 2012.

I've got different certifications (coaching and emotional release clearings) + intuitive downloads and clearings that I offer guided by the Archangels of Peace. My methodology is highly intuitive as I explore different planes of processing ( emotional, spiritual, intuitive and soul level) to help you embody your goddess vibration, open up your energy to a bast richness in love and to feel good in your feminine energy and be treated like the prize you really are. 

Every woman deserves to be loved and cherished for who she is and that stars with the energy we are emitting ( internally and collectively). My  techniques are focused  clearing away the blind spots   to  create a solid transformation and ensure unprecedented levels of success in love and in life. 

Do you desire to receive more and manifest love like a Goddess? 

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