You Are An Attractive & Desirable Love Goddess.
Own That.

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You are an attractive & desirable LOVE GODDESS. Own that. 

When you devote yourself to feeling good, aligning your love vibration and master your intuition, you attract real love. 


I am a believer, student and teacher of Love.

I work with driven women who are ready to commit to love, finding themselves, discovering their radiance, feeling confident in their own skin to create their most ideal love life. 

In other words, I guide women who are ready to connect with their feminine radiance, open up their hearts to love and transform their life from the inside out. 

I believe love is our compass for an extraordinary life. 

To manifest an amazing partner, you must focus on finding your radiance, knowing what makes you magnetic, love yourself from the inside out and only then will a partner will come through that will cherish you and love you, like you deserve.

Throughout our lives, we have formed blocks to love because we have been hurt and those blocks are keeping love away and only reinforcing old beliefs that are not helping you in your journey. When you commit to love, you are ready to let all of those old beliefs go.Old beliefs like: love is controlling, manipulative, etc. All of them are not true. 

Real love gives you FREEDOM. 

Freedom to be your best self, Freedom to live your best life, Freedom to love and be loved like you've never experienced before. It takes the commitment to experience love and release fear, once and for all.

Opening your heart to love is the key to a joyful heart and joyful life. 


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I used to allow  fear to rule my life and that made me very hollow.I was very judgemental with myself and really didm' allow myself to experience better relationships, love myself and know my worth.

On the outside, it looked as everything was fine. I was an overachiever and I would excel in everything, so nobody would guess I felt a void inside of me.That void is no longer there, I chose to work on myself and I know who I am, how loveable I am and I have wholesome relationships. 

360º away from where I was originally and it all started the day I decided that fear was no longer going to be my compass for life.I would allow myself to open up to love, no matter how hurt I was from previous relationships or perceptions and that I would work consistently on shifting those perceptions to allow even greater love to come in to my life. Instead of looking at fear I chose to look ad love and regret.

I wouldn't forgive myself If I allowed more years to pass by and don't go for what I wanted. I realized that I was the one making excuses for myself and that I would regret all the years that passed by.

Lesson here? It's all about our MINDSET. We create on the outside,  the emotions we have stored inside of us.

        Love expands.

It teaches you how to grow and how to love unconditionally.  It teaches you how to feel whole and at peace, how to love others and have more compassion and how to follow your bliss. 


Love is truly ALL you need to transform your life around.  To embrace love fully, you must be willing to be vulnerable, open, ready to grow and part with fear.  

The behaviour and patterns of a woman who embraces fear are 360º away from one who embraces love.

I've studied and applied the Law Of Attraction and how to reach higher levels of consciousness to move from "victim" to "co-creator" and above since 2011.

I've been part of clubs regarding the Law Of Attraction, Wellness and Success since 2012.

I finished my coaching certification of six months, which included Accountability, follow through techniques , Visualization and meditation techniques to really create a solid transformation and ensure unprecedented levels of success. 


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