Let’s Talk Birthdays & Why They Are So Powerful!

Happy Birthday To Moi! 

My birthday was this tuesday, February 24 and I remember how on Monday I declared that it would be my birthday week and I stand by it as I am going out tonight to finish the celebration!  Why? Birthdays are awesome, period.

Birthdays are:

  • A complete reflection of the transformation we go by every single year. If you don’t think you’ve changed, check again. Look at your surroundings, your train of thought process, your hobbies and desires.  Some things remain the same, while others change. We grow, and we have to celebrate that. We are expanding beings by nature.
  • A personal reminder that we have been blessed with another year to do our best, to shine, to blossom. 
  • A perfect opportunity to be grateful and bless all that we have and what we have been able to accomplish.
  • A perfect opportunity to use this energy of excitement and happiness to visualize all that you want to manifest for the present year. This energy is powerful, we are close to the frequency of love and that aids in manifesting our desires at a quicker pace.
  • Bottom line, you are your very first soulmate. Honor who you are, honor your journey.  If you don’t celebrate yourself, who else will? in order to manifest more loving relationships in our life, we have to start with celebrating and add value to the relationship we have with ourselves.

Food for thought. Let’s honor and value our journey.

Loads of love,


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