3 Ways To Conquer Self-Doubt & Start Feeling Flawless

I am feeling triggered Today and I want to share with you how I over come self doubt when it shows it's ugly head:

I used to be very self conscious years ago. I was afraid of criticism and afraid of approval. After years of self work and shifting my mindset around this, I can tell you that those days are gone. It's not that we never experience self doubt, it's that we know how to bounce back quicker, instead of spending days, weeks, months or years in self doubt, you get over it even in the span of hours.

Whenever you're entering new territory, your mind will try to keep you safe, telling you at times a bunch of lies that only make you feel bad in the effort to keep you stuck. You have to know that.

As women we have to connect with our bodies, emotions and heart to really know what's the truth to really succeed in life.

So here is what I do:

1. I recognise there is an amazing opportunity in self doubt. It is AMAZING to really clear the fear away. ( I do EFT Tapping or any other energy releasing technique that is the best suited for the situation). This helps me release the negative energy in my field and it helps me clear the path to higher self love, higher love & abundance manifested in my life in general.

The lesson is: if it is still there, it is blocking new opportunities from coming to your life.

2. I fill myself with love: It is a excellent opportunity to start declaring some new affirmations in my life that DO support me. I look at myself in the mirror and I start telling myself how amazing I am. You get what you focus on, remember this. If you stay focused in judging or doubting yourself, it will be reflected with the people and situations around you.

Here is how I am filling myself up with love as I write this:

3. It's an opportunity to celebrate diversity. When we are experiencing self doubt, a funny trick the ego tries is to make us feel better or worse than other people. None of these work. 

Here is the catch, you have to be madly and truly in love with yourself. Love your strengths and "weaknesses". You are unique, there is no one else like you. So notice the pattern, do you celebrate people? If there is anything you truly desire to improve , let love be your guide to do so. Not fear.  You'll notice the difference if you feel expanded (love) or if you feel contracted (Fear).  

A really neat exercise I do is that if I see something I love from somebody else , I also claim it for myself too: "She's gorgeous. So Am I.", "She has such a unique style and I do too", "She has achieved so much, and so have I".

We are all expressions of love in different and beautiful ways.

Treat everyone as a loving equal, it really creates a beautiful ripple effect in your life.

Everyone wins.

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