Evoke The Goddess 
From Within

True lasting happiness doesn't come
from getting that job promotion or finding your partner,
it will  start from within. It is always from within. 

I'll help you find yourself and guide you to create true
beauty and radiate joy from the inside out. 

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No more cycles or feeling stuck. I'll help you experience true happiness & reach your full potential no matter what. 

Our approach to higher success and happiness is upside down. It is when you focus on joy on the inside that everything on the outside will shift for the better.

Commit To Get Past Your Comfort Zone...

I am Nicole Elissa, Success & Breakthrough Coach for driven women seeking a deeper sense of joy and alignment. Women committing to finding themselves and creating the best version of themselves.

You are a natural leader and you have something really special inside of you, so why are you feeling disconnected and stuck with your daily life?

There is a cycle you are looking to move past from and reach to a whole new level of joy and I can guide you to get there. 

Imagine all the love, freedom and abundance you can create by connecting with your true values and desires.

You'll become your most magnetic, powerful and aligned version of yourself. Get ready to experience true joy. 

Align With Love, Passion & Happiness...



Signature programs designed to embrace your natural, radiant self & reach your full potential. 

“Nicole is one of the most powerful people I know, she has the raw ability of moving people out of their comfort zone and into their true essence. She is wise beyond her years and very acute with human triggers.

This is the kind of people we need more of! Nicole is a beautiful soul, she’s relatable and a visionary, if there is even the slight opportunity for you to work with her, DO IT! This is the game changer you are looking for!


Cristina Collazos,

Stay Connected With Your Joy:

Do Your Emotions Get The Best Of You & Stress You Out? 

Download audio guide designed to help you stay focused on following through with your desires, eradicate your ego voice and stay hooked on joy to manifest your desired outcome.  You'll feel radiant, aligned, focused and at peace as any powerful woman should! 


Desire to feel confident in your own skin & find yourself?

My programs are created in assisting you to get there. Let's talk to map out a plan of action to get your next step, ensure you succeed and see if we are a right fit. 

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