Learn how to Activate Your Feminine Power of Attraction (TM) and create your most cherished and ideal love life, from your soul's magnetism and power.

Feel Safe & Seen With a Man Who Cherishes  You To His Core.
 You Deserve To Be Loved Like The Goddess You Really Are.
YOU are the magic!  

Do The Inner Work Of A Goddess & Be Amazed At The Results

Attract NEW Energy To Your Love Life 

I am Nicole Elissa, Intuitive Love Breakthrough Coach for driven women leaders and trailblazers from all of the world who know the value of love in their lives and who are committed to attract their ideal love life no matter what.

I help women like you to feel truly embody your feminine energy and attract your divine, high quality masculine man to your life. 

You deserve to be seen and experience real, lasting love in your life. 

The main reason I've noticed a lot of powerful women experience pain and isolation in their love lives is because they are struggling to embody their feminine essence somewhere in their energy.  

It could be at the level of the body, mind, spirit or soul. This is where I come in and support you fully integrate your feminine energy and help you open up to the masculine in your life. 

NO more disappointments or lackluster love life.  You deserve the most exciting, fun and secure experience. 

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"Back To Your Feminine Essence"
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Exclusive Love Coaching Programs

Signature programs designed to embrace your natural, radiant self & reach your full potential. 

“Nicole is one of the most powerful people I know, she has the raw ability of moving people out of their comfort zone and into their true essence. She is wise beyond her years and very acute with human triggers.

This is the kind of people we need more of! Nicole is a beautiful soul, she’s relatable and a visionary, if there is even the slight opportunity for you to work with her, DO IT! This is the game changer you are looking for!

Cristina Collazos,


Nicole Elissa
Transformational Love Coaching
San Francisco
Panama City, Panama
Email: team@nicoleelissa.co


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